The Story behind TrustCo

TrustCo was founded from very humble beginnings. With over two decades in the building and construction industry, our founder identified a gap in connecting homeowners with trusted, professional builders who they can rely on. After witnessing friends and family struggle project after project in search for the right Brisbane builders to help them realise their dream home, TrustCo was born.

It became obvious to us that building projects were not being realised and homeowners were finding it difficult to get realistic, competitive quotes that were easy to understand. Not only was finding straightforward building quotes in Brisbane a challenge, but homeowners were struggling to understand the quotes with worry that budgets will be blown. With all this uncertainty, TrustCo immediately realised that homeowners need a helping hand from a trusted source that can take the overwhelming feeling out of the equation when making these big decisions.

Being a family-focused brand, TrustCo steps in to help fill in the missing piece in the Brisbane builders industry. We know that life can get a little hectic and all that time wasted on endless hours of searching could otherwise be spent creating memories with your loved ones instead. With TrustCo, our aim is to streamline the building process by giving you access to all the services you need to complete your build all in one place.

With our existing experience working with builders in Brisbane, from the best Brisbane builders to the unreliable and unprofessional, we’ve learned how to vet builders efficiently and effectively to ensure only the best Brisbane builders make it in our curated network. Each of the builders in our network have been personally selected carefully with the guarantee of being professional, trustworthy, reliable and excellent in what they do.

Our curated network does not only stop at helping you find builders, but extend to building companies, Brisbane mortgage brokers, building designers and architects to help you with all aspects of making your dream home come true.

Why TrustCo?

Our aim is to educate clients and help them better understand the building and quoting process so that they can make smarter and more informed decisions during their building project -saving them time and money. At TrustCo, our service does not just stop at the drafting stage. In efforts to help make your entire building process straightforward and easy, our curated network only comprises of the best Brisbane builders, building companies, builder designers, architects and mortgage brokers Brisbane has to offer.

Transparent Pricing

The entire building or renovation process with TrustCo is straightforward and transparent. We believe that ethics and integrity play an important role in trusting a builder, mortgage broker, building designer or architect, and we have negotiated strict terms with our curated network to ensure that all pricing is as transparent as can be

100% Local and Family Owned

We’re small enough to care and big enough to handle large projects. Being 100% local and family owned, our team here at TrustCo has been a part of the Brisbane community for as long as we can remember. We take great pride in watching our community grow around us as we connect homeowners to the best builders Brisbane has to offer

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

At TrustCo, we go the extra mile to make sure that your building or renovation project is a breeze. Our exceptional team understands the true meaning of customer service and we work hard in helping your dream home come true. With a curated network comprising only the best Brisbane builders around, your satisfaction is guaranteed.