Although the builders in TrustCo’s network provide free estimates and meet with clients prior to preparing any detailed quotes, some builders may charge for their builders quotes while others may not.

Before we touch upon the reasons why you shouldn’t necessarily be deterred by paying for a builders quote, it’s important to note that the free estimates provided by our Brisbane builders are usually very accurate with a difference of 5% give or take.

What many homeowners may not know is that a lot of time and effort is spent into creating a customized, detailed itemize quote. It wouldn’t be considered far fetched to assume that builders spend close to 50 hours on a builders quote for new homes.

Albeit a hotly contended issue that may not appeal to every client, there are many valid reasons why builders charge for their quotes.

Accuracy of the Quote

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Although not so applicable in the TrustCo network (given that we selectively hand pick only the best Brisbane builders that are skilled and experienced in drawing up accurate estimates and quotes), the general practice is that the more committed you are in showing the builder your seriousness for the project and the potential of their engagement, the better.

Paying for your Brisbane builders quote demonstrates to the builder that you value their time and in return they tend to take more effort into ensuring a good job well done.

Make them feel that their time is valued by paying for it and they will spend the necessary amount of time to create an accurate quote for the job. Devalue their time by expecting a free quote and they may revert with an overly priced quote that isn’t comprehensive to ensure they cover themselves as they didn’t have enough time to ensure the accuracy.

A thorough builders quote is at least 5 to 8 pages long and very detailed. Put it this way, an invested client means an invested builder.

The price quote vary from as low as $200 to around the $1,000 mark depending on the building company and the complexity of the project. Typically speaking, nearly all Brisbane builders will offer the quote money back once you engage them as your builder for the project. If they don’t mention that rebate, there’s no harm in asking them for it.

Do note that this generalization does not apply to all house builders Brisbane as it would give the trade a disservice to builders who do not charge for quotes and do an excellent job when drawing up their builders quotes.

Experience and Knowledge equals Savings

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To gather all necessary information required to draw up a comprehensive builders quote, any Brisbane builder will need to attend the site and be provided with any floor plans, blueprints, specifications or engineering details of your project.

A lot of what you are paying for in a builders quote is tied into the experience and expert knowledge of the builder. Of course there are highly skilled and professional builders who also provide free quotes that provide excellent outcomes.

With TrustCo, our network of builders provide a free estimation and meet with you on site to do so. As the builder will already have all the details necessary to create detailed itemized quotes, the process is a lot swifter and easier. Our Brisbane builders are happy to discuss your project with you on site during the initial meet up and impart their expertise and industry knowledge that can help you realise practicalities and perhaps even save you thousands of dollars.

More and more trades professionals are starting to charge for their expert knowledge and creating a builders quote is one of them. Our prediction is that over the next few years, we will see more builders charging quotes upfront given the direction the industry is headed toward.

Respect for the trade

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With an excellent curated network of only the best builders Brisbane has to offer, paying for a Brisbane builders quote in the TrustCo network is a great sign of respect for the trade. Our builders have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the industry with most having at least 10 to 20 years under their belt.

With only the most experienced and knowledgeable builders in our network, the industry knowledge and expertise contained within your builders quote will not only impress you but save you thousands of dollars. Of course, this also applies to our builders who do not charge for quotes as in a technical sense, they retrieve the value of the quote from every project they get. In other words, all builders do charge for quotes whether it’s upfront or as part of the end cost.

Nevertheless, by showing a respect for the trade, you encourage professionalism throughout the industry and an assurance of quality and high standards.

When in Doubt

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If you’re in doubt about paying for builder quotes, think about it this way, when you have issues with your car, are you happy to pay a mechanic to look at it and find out what’s wrong? Or when your appliances are faulty, are you prepared to pay a repairer to look at it and find out what’s faulty?

Just like any of these professionals, builders too take hours and hours of hard work to create customised quotes (with some quotes taking up to 50 hours to create) and this dedication is filled with insider knowledge of the industry backed by years of experience.

Get in touch with us if you’re still unsure about why you need to pay for a builders quote and our experienced team will be more than happy to clear any doubts!


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