Unlike many other professions, the relationship between an interior designer and a client is much more intimate. You are sharing with the designer your hopes, dreams and how you want your future to look like. They will get to know the intimate details of your lifestyle, as well as your preferences.

It is unquestionable that there has to be a certain comfort level between you and the designer for you to achieve the best possible outcome. So in this article, let us focus on what the designers themselves suggest the client do in order to achieve the best working

1. What to Ask upon the First Meeting?

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The first meeting is where you have to cover the basics. Questions such as “How is your work process?”, “Can you stay within the budget?”, “What is your schedule?”, all have to be addressed the first time itself. You would be able to understand whether you can work together based on their style, how they listen and how they treat you, all in the initial conversation itself.

2. What Research is Needed before Meeting?

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Make sure to look upon the building designer’s previous works. This will be available on their website or if you got the contact through a friend, it is possible that you have seen it in person. This itself can tell you whether the particular style is what you seek at your house. Choosing an interior designer with a totally different style will only make way for disputes later.

3. What makes a Successful Relationship between Design and Client?

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Any creative process is bound to have its ebbs and flows. Similarly, in this case also there will be challenges, and unforeseen issues rising midway. The best way to maintain a successful relationship is to start on the same page. If your taste and style are similar, that itself will contribute a lot. If you both agree what adds value to any piece of space, that is the basic understanding that you will work well. Most designers tend to not take up jobs where they find that the client’s ideas do not gel with them on any level.

4. How to Communicate the Style?

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Most designers present clients with mood boards first. This will show them the colour tones, the type of furnishing and textures, like a collage of all the elements put together for each space. If this aesthetics approved by the client, then only the design will proceed. This is the right phase for clients to raise their questions regarding any feature that the designer has used.

5. How to Keep the Expectation Realistic?

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Unmatched expectations occur especially in the expected timeframe of completion. Our favourite designers suggest that whatever you think the timeline would be, the safest bet is to expect it to take at least double the time. Even the best kitchen design ideas might encounter an issue or two. Builders Brisbane also recommend that it will also be best to expect the budget to go over and prepare for contingencies.

However, that does not mean that every project will end up like that. Some might even finish sooner than the expected timeline and cost less too. But it would be best to lower the expectations while starting.

6. What Resources to Use to Know More About the Designer?

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Previous clients are always the best source you can get to know about the designer’s work style and professionalism. It will also give you a good sense of their work process, their attitude towards clients, and you will also get a chance to see their work in person.

7. When is it Too Late for the Client to Change Design Preferences?

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Altering finalised plans always comes as a nightmare to designers. But the practicality of the changes might depend on the stage of the construction. If the products are acquired and installation has begun, it will make it more difficult. Whether it is 5 bedroom house plans or tiny house plans, any changes will have its own implications. Ultimately, if the client is fine with the timeline changes and the additional cost, then it is entirely their decision. After all, it is your house and you have to be happy with the result.

8. What is the Hierarchy Between Designer and Others in The Team?

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For a design to attain brilliance, everyone in the team has to work together. Architect, structural engineer, the builders and the rest of the teamwork closely to know what is possible and how not to get in the way of the other. The Architect should work closely with the interior team from the beginning itself so the structural changes can be given additional thought to suit both.

9. How to Know Whether you are Getting a Good Deal in Fees?

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All designers have a different approach towards home and land packages in Brisbane. Some charge percentage, hourly fees, a retainer or at times it could be a mix of all three. If you can find a designer within your budget who can offer to complete the project within the budget, then consider that a good deal.

10. Do Interior Designers Need Certification?

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There are designers among us who do not have even a degree in designing. For many, it’s an acquired taste. But depending on your country, the designer might need a license to practise. This mostly concerns with architects rather than interior designers. Your best bet is to get testimonials to know the track record of a designer.

11. Who Keeps Track of the Budget?

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Whether the client does it or not, it is also the house builders in Brisbane responsibility to keep track of the budget. When it comes to saving money, which corner to cut might depend on the client’s priorities as well as the designers. Most designers try their best to stick within the budget, but they also prefer their creative freedom.

Finding the best interior designer might seem like a struggle if you don’t know where to start. Reach out to TrustCo and we will guide you with the best designers and builders Brisbane has for your house designs.

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