It is a common known fact that sloping blocks have a way of draining your money out. As exceptional as the views might be, you still need to be extra cautious while proceeding with a sloped land.

So how much more would a sloped land construction cost you? There are many a factor to consider before taking up a property with a contour for your building. Here are a few upsides and downsides for you to consider.

Sloping Blocks vs Flat Blocks

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So why do sloping blocks cost more?

  • Design – Sloping blocks need an expert design to use the contour to the advantage. Without a proper house design to reflect on the merits of a sloping block, the point of spending extra on the land is lost. It would also require strong structural backup, hence need a builder to design the same.
  • Access – Sloping blocks might be comparatively tricky to access. Even within the plot itself, moving the materials require more effort than a flat block.
  • Foundation – Along the lines of the structure of the building, the foundation is another aspect that needs extra care when it comes to slopes.
  • Excavation – depending on the foundation, and the layout of the land, site alterations including excavation and cut and fill would be necessary.
  • Landscaping – landscaping not only pertains to beautifying the garden. Sloping blocks would require additional landscaping work like a retaining wall. There are also a few other factors to consider like drainage and erosion.

Upsides of a Sloping Block

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It is not all uphill on a sloping block. There are many advantages to building on a sloping block. The foremost reason why the sloping block is favoured would definitely be the unobstructed views.

Along the views comes the abundant natural light and ventilation. With thoughtful design, all these features could be used to benefit the building in many ways. Passive design elements could be integrated using the right building elements and flow in the floor plan. Sloping block house designs Brisbane, being in a tropical climate could go for timber homes as they use less energy for air conditioning.

The sloping block is also an excellent investment opportunity. While the cost of the building might be higher, since there are only a fraction that is available with panoramic views, it could get you high returns. Many people are looking to buy downward sloping block  house designs and renovate it later to their needs.

Most Important aspects

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Above all, in any house, the most important concern is safety. Every home is built for a long term plan in mind, even if you sell it to someone. Thus there should be no compromise in the quality of the structure.

The quality of design in the sloping block is the prominent feature. House on sloping blocks is generally considered on the side of luxury. The more stylish the homes are, the more demand it would have. Luxury home builders Brisbane can help you build the home of your dreams.

At the same time, it is also necessary to build according to the taste of local demographics.

Quality of construction is even more critical due to the risks that the layout of the sloping blocks entails.

How to Design for Sloping Blocks

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It would be in your best interest to hire an architect to do the house design. They are more qualified to take up larger complex jobs. Ensure that the architect has experience dealing with such blocks.

Building designers are also a good choice. But if it is a large development, it is essential that you go for the most experienced person who knows what specifically the site and the homeowner require.

Getting Approvals for Sloping Blocks

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Once the design is finalised, the requires drawings have to be submitted to the local council for approval. You would have to lodge a Development Application (DA) or Construction Certificate depending on the project.

The process and processing time of approvals differs from one council to another. To ensure that it does not take long, all the documents have to thorough and all necessary information supplied at the time of initial submission itself.

Costs of Building on a Sloping Block

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For a standard building on a flat plot, the costing could be split into

  • 50 per cent for materials
  • 35 per cent for labour
  • 15% per cent council fees and permits

It also changes the on the type of construction materials. Generally, the cost would fall somewhere between $1200 to!700 per square meter for a house with a single storey. For a multistorey, it could rise to $3000 per square meter.

If the building is not a sloping block, you should be prepared to add 20% of the budget up to one meter of the slope. Bove that it could increase even more. At the least, it would add another $50,000 or above.

Requesting Quotes from the builder

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For sloping blocks, the experience is the key factor. There are builders specialised on working with sloping blocks and whose expertise would be a strong point. Request quotes from sloping block builders Brisbane, who can anticipate potential problems and match the costs right from the beginning.

The builder will have to access the site first before quoting the costs. This way, you could avoid variations caused by the site conditions that will cost you extra.

Hiring the Builder

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After receiving the quotes, check for the following aspects before choosing the builder

  • Is the builder thorough with the site conditions and requirements mentioned in the tender
  • Does the builder hold valid insurance and give proof of the same
  • Prior experience in working with sloping blocks
  • Value of the costing
  • Construction schedule
  • About the references mentioned that you could follow up.

Once you have discussed all these factors with your architect, it is necessary to enter into a signed agreement with the contractor. TrustCo brings all of the best builders in Brisbane to one place. The contract should explicitly mention

  • Detailed scope of works
  • The timeframe for the work to be completed
  • The total price of the contract
  • Scope for variations
  • Schedule of payments

The agreement has to comply with all the legal requirements before you start with the construction.

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