While nuclear families were once on the rise, according to the latest predictions, the chances of families coming together to live under one roof are increasing more and more. The ultimate guide to design a multi-generational house will help a lot in making up your mind what is best for you.

We are not specifically talking about joint families, but just a family with people of all ages living together. The concept of multi-generational living, that is where more than one generation of family sharing a roof is the optimum choice to take care of parents, grandparents and kids all live together.

It could be wonderful and a bit of frustrating in many ways. Especially because of the privacy concerns and the limitations of the house.

So how can you make your home more suitable for multigenerational living? For that, you need to address the following concerns first.

1. Privacy

The Ultimate Guide to Design a Multi-generational House

Even in a regular home with just one family, parents and kids, privacy could be a big issue. When you add more family members, it is only understood how this could be the biggest problem. Finding the right finance brokers can literally save you tens of thousands. 

The most important objective of multigenerational house designs is to ensure that the house is well organised and all the family members get their own space. For this, there has to be the right balance between the common spaces, where the whole family can come together and spend quality time and private spaces where the member can retreat to.

Solving this does not mean that the house has to be bigger in size. It just implies that you have to utilise the space wisely and effectively. Our house and land packages Brisbane got you covered from $50K renovations to $5M projects.

2. Plan for Future

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Accessibility of the home is vital, especially for the elderly. Instead of trying to make changes with house renovations later, if you do a little bit if planning at the construction stage itself. You can save a lot of time, money and effort to make your home accessible for all house groups. After all, your house could welcome everyone all the time, not just comfortable if they are staying with you. And above all, you yourself are going to age one day.

Being able to move around without any hindrance or interventions for all age groups and abled people would be an incredible thing you could do with your house. There are many ways to achieve this in home design including choosing ramps than stairs, wider doorways etc. This will also make a difference if any family member is faced with any health issues at any point in future.

Similar care should also be given while doing the interior and types of furniture. The common space has to be appealing to all, while the age-specific features could be for the individual home. Choose the right builders Brisbane for your home.

3. Multiple Uses

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Whether a multi-generational home or not, flexibility could work well for all households, but rather primarily for the former. Spaces that could be put to versatile uses are the critical components of such homes.

You can achieve this by not specialising on the interior to one particular use alone. Leave room to make changes or adapt the room to it. A bedroom that could become a study and a common room that has a sofa bed can all respond to the different needs of different members of the family.

Such planning should not only confined to the furniture but also in the electrical layouts and plumbing. This will help you avoid costly renovations in future. Contact us as one of our friendly team members will get back to you within 48 hours.

Design Elements

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Till now we looked at the key aspects to address while designing a multigenerational home. Now let us see a few common points, that are relevant to bear in mind while planning the house. With a vetting standard that satisfies only the pickiest, renovation builder Brisbane ensure that your expectations will be met, if not exceeded.

1. Bedroom on the Ground Floor

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We cannot stress enough on how important this is. Having a bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor will make it much easier for the elderly or anyone with specific needs. Not to mention that this will eliminate the extra costs of installing an in house elevator or a ramp that would take in so much space.

Initially, if it is not required, you could always use it as a family room or a library.

2. Doors and Windows

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If you make the doors slightly larger, then it would be much easier for differently abled people to move around. Avoid the sills for doors especially to enable wheelchair and walker access too. The ultimate guide to design a multi-generational house will help a lot in making up your mind.

The more the windows, the better, but it is not always possible especially when there are space constraints. An efficient alternative is the clerestory window. They will not let in light directly, but at an angle that continually changes according to the time of the day. Choosing the right building designers is important as it can make or break your project.

3. Wide Hallways

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People often forget the significance of hallways. There is no use in the doors being wide if the hallways are too small. Wider hallways may take more space, but they could benefit from accommodating a walker or a wheelchair. Choose the best by TrustCo to find a custom home builders Brisbane for your house.

4. No Basement

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Basement inevitably means that the input of a stair or a ramp will occupy a good amount of space from your front yard. So simply avoid them. It gives you a lot of design opportunities like a courtyard, two entrances and again, prevents mobility issues in Brisbane.

5. Storage

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You should never assume that storage would be enough. You are going to need a lot of that, particularly with more members. You can use overhead and furniture like beds with storage.

6. Kitchen

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As an important common space, make it a point that the kitchen is big enough to accommodate more than one person at once. An open plan kitchen would be the most effective choice, with ample storage space.

7. Bathrooms

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There has to be extra care taken with this space. You might need to install a few handrails more, or leave room for a wall mounted seat if required. The door swings also have to have no hindrances to for easy entrance. Such simple steps are better than having bathroom renovations at later stages.

8. Common Spaces

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In family rooms and living rooms, it is also suggested to create multiple seating groups rather than just one. There could be a cluster of seats pointed to the television, a reading nook or just a few chairs for conversation. With the current trend of remote working, it would also be best to create spaces for work, in quiet places that could be used full time.

The increasing population is currently demanding innovative and smart ways of living. Multi-generational homes might just be the answer to that where everyone can support each other while creating less imposition on nature and surrounding. Hope that the ultimate guide to design a multi-generational house prove to be useful for you.

Get started by contacting TrustCo to find a custom home builders Brisbane for your house.


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