Don’t let the word second hand put you off. We are talking about perfectly usable recycled materials, that could spruce up your house design with some charm and still be kind to the environment.

Why choose recycled materials above new ones? Above all the reasons for that, the one thing that would matter the most to a homeowner is that recycled materials cost less. If you have a keen eye for second hand materials, here is what you need to know about how to use them in buildings.

How much Second Hand Material is there?builders Brisbane

There is a reason why we are emphasising on using second hand materials. We waste a lot of materials even without putting them to any use. In Australia alone, each of use contributes to one and a half tonnes of waste every year. Imagine, how much it is around the whole world. Out of this, 40 per cent of the waste comes from construction and demolition.

If at least half of these materials could be recycled, it would contribute to a significantly less waste accumulation. It would also reduce the production of new materials, thus reducing energy consumption too. 80 per cent of the construction materials could be recycled to optimum use. These include timber, concrete, asphalt, bricks and other materials.

Where to find Second Hand Materialsbuilders north Brisbane

There is a recycling centre in almost every part of Australia. Such places will have access to recycled timber, roofing, joinery and other materials. These are far less expensive than new materials, and with little work, they could be as good as new. This extra work would not come to even a fraction of what you would spend on new products. Even without it, recycled materials can be used widely to add a vintage charm to the home design too.

If you are unable to find such places, you can ask the home builders Brisbane has to suggest some places. They would know where to find quality recycled materials.

Another way to get materials is to approach the demolition sites directly. You can come to an agreement with the owner and the builder to retrieve up the materials carefully and deliver to you. This will also ensure that they have taken extra care while demolishing and cause less damage to the materials. If done with the specific purpose of reusing again, even floor tiles could be retrieved intact to use it for another building.

You can also do a quick search on your own and even find materials for free. Landfill places would have perfectly good reusable materials, that has been thrown out.  Old bricks make an excellent feature for landscaping and pavements.

How to Use Second Hand Materialshouse builders Brisbane

Below are the ways in which recycled materials could be put to use.

  • Solid timber can be used to make doors and windows. All you have to do is sand them and paint it, It is better than any other material for its insulation and acoustical properties, plus it’s gorgeous.
  • Aluminium or timber could be used to make windows.
  • Timber that was previously used for structural frames could be used for indoor or outdoor furniture.
  • If you find metal roofing that is in good condition without any rust, that could be used for roofing again with some new paint.
  • Crushed asphalt and brick could be used for pavements, garden edging and driveways
  • Recycled timber could be used for countertops and cabinets
  • Glass bottled could be used as a design element to let in light.

It is not necessary to build an entire house from recycled objects. But it would be a good and conscious choice to do as little as you can, to help both your budget and the planet.

Design Elements and Second Hand Materialsluxury home builders Brisbane

Recycled materials are good construction materials. But they are even better as design elements in your house.

  • Second hand materials are often sought out by architects and builders Brisbane for their aesthetic values too. Upcycling is another way of using second hand materials, especially as interior design features. You can request to you architect specifically to include such thoughtful ideas in the floor plans. Here are a few suggestions on how to use them.
  • Old cooking pots and tyres make for good pots the plants. Paint them in bold colours, and it adds flair to any space.
  • Plastic bottles are a great way to grow plants and use for a vertical garden.
  • Old guttering can be cut into lengths to make drainage holes and hold plants.
  • Old buckets with an extra coat of paint and a cushion could make for ottomans or cushions.

There are many things that are recyclable around the house. Take up a Do it Yourself project, and you can accentuate any old furniture hanging around and make it new. Using recycled materials is also becoming a popular method of home styling.

In fact, such unique furniture if bought outside would be even costlier than buying new furniture. Flea markets are no longer selling cheap items, but vintage furniture that is now considered a luxury.

Even old clothes are now being reused to make duvets, quilts and pillows that are becoming fashion statements. In construction, recycled materials have much greater use and methods of using them too.

People are starting to rethink the ideas of buying new things alone for a new house. Many architects and builders are specialised in modern house designs that integrate recycled materials well with the passive design.

Around the world, architects are encouraging such design models. Recycling materials are definitely the next step for construction that has to be taken more seriously before we deplete all our resources.

If you do not want to make major changes, start with small structures outside the house  Gazebos, patios could all get a revamp using recycled furniture and construction materials. Certain materials also become better with age, like properly treated wood. So you might even be getting a good deal.

For such construction projects, hiring the right builder is extremely important. Find the most suitable custom builders Brisbane for your project by contacting TrustCo.

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