Building a house is a huge undertaking, not only because it is a dream of yours but because of the effort that goes into it. It might take your life savings, plus a mortgage, along with an investment that could take a lot of energy emotionally.

So when you take a project of this magnitude, you need to be aware of all the elements involved with it and how things work. There is no harm in preparing yourself, in fact, you should do that.

One of the very first steps of building a house is finding the property. But even at that stage, when you look at that vacant piece of land, what comes to your mind is a house. Where you will be parking the car, where the dining would be, where your kids would be playing and where the doors could exactly open out to the patio.

For any dream house to take shape, you need the help of professionals. Whether you can draw a plan by yourself or not, it is highly recommended to hire experienced builders in Brisbane to do it.

So actually, the initial idea that blossoms is the house plan. So what exactly is a floor plan?

What is a Floor Plan?

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A floor plan is a drawing of your house, as how it looks from the top perspective. Imagine your house has been cut off horizontally passing through the windows and doors, how would it look from the top? That’s what a house floor plan is.

Whether you are hiring a building designer or designing a home yourself, first you need a clear idea of what you need in your home. Now, the thing to keep in mind is every single member of your family will have their own ideas about how they want their home to be.

The initial plan would only represent the basic walls, windows and doors. When it gets to the later stages, the construction details will also be included in the plan. At this stage, there will be separate plans for each rooms detailing out each and every aspect. For instance, a kitchen plan will show where the cabinets go, where the sink and the oven are and such details.

The plans vary depending on the house, its needs, the type of construction, the materials etc.

What to Consider?

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Whatever future alterations you bring into your house, it always works around the plan. For the same reasons, there are a few factors to consider before you finalise yours.

  • What are your lifestyle needs? Do you have a family or are you considering them for future? Do you have pets and any specific needs for them?
  • Do you often have guests at the house? Do they stay over?
  • Which are the most important common spaces in the house? How many bedrooms would you need? Do you need any attached bathrooms or separate toilets?
  • What are your privacy concerns? Do you need a separate work area or an office?
  • What is the style of home you need?  If you are looking to have more glazings, consider how it would affect your privacy.
  • Do you have any specific requirement for any particular family member who is differently abled?
  • Are you looking to construct it on site or order a modular or mobile home?

If you are curious about the last point, let us see what exactly modular houses are.

Modular House Floor Plans

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You might have come across this term occasionally, reading this would give you a better understanding of it. Modular homes are built in separate sections at a factory and then brought it to the construction site to assemble it together. This make sits cost-efficient, reducing the work and labour onsite.

It can also reduce the construction time of the projects by 30 per cent. Such homes also need carefully planned floor plans, as it could turn out to be difficult to expand it. To avoid that it is necessary to incorporate provisions for alterations while conceiving the plan itself.

The Set of Drawings

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Like mentioned previously there are other drawings that workaround or evolve from the plans. It is essential to understand these to comprehend how the whole house would look in the end.

  • The Exterior View – This is usually a 3D rendered view of how the finished house would look like.
  • Foundation Plan- This one shows the footprint of your house, showing which parts should be excavated on the site to put the foundation in.
  • Floor Plans- the basic plan showing rooms, walls, doors and windows.
  • Exterior Elevations- It is difficult to get the exact measurements from the view. So the elevation shows in detail the height of the house, exterior windows, materials and other basic measurements. There will be elevations of all sides of the house.
  • Roof Plan- Depending on what type of roof you have, the plan will also change. If it is a flat roof, the plan will show where the parapets are. For a truss roof, it will detail the peaks, slopes and outline of the roof.
  • Structural Plan- Any part of the house that needs additional details, like any reinforcement, columns and beams will be shown in this.
  • Interior Details- Sections and Elevations of walls, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom details, staircase designs etc.
  • Landscape Plan- If you have a specific landscape architect, there will also be a landscape plan detailing out the types of plans, the paving, any garden ornaments or features.

Apart from all this, if the architect thinks that any other particular drawing is required, that will also be a part of the set. Specific interior details, roof details, custom furniture designs could all include in it.

Modifying a House Plan

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If you think you need any changes, it is best to make them in the planning stage itself. Once you start constructing, it is challenging to go back and make the changes. Moving walls and openings are as simple as changing a few lines in the drawings, but once it is on site, it would definitely cost you time and money.

Also, any changes you make have to be before you get the permit from the authorities, at least that affects the footprint. Or else, you will have to go through the whole process again.

Now you know a bit more about house plans and how to proceed with it. You can get free Australian house designs and floor plans by consulting the best builders Brisbane. Contact TrustCo to find more on that.

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