With the current market rate of properties, soon everyone is going to be able to afford only small blocks of land. The question of how to make small lot house plans Brisbane offers the most efficient is becoming a very prominent one. Moreover, those who are aware of the climate changes and want to make a conscious effort to reduce their contribution to energy consumption are favoring small house plans as well.

So now might be the time for us to revisit how to successfully approach house builders in Brisbane designs. Below are the recommendations from our architects on how you can maximize the living space on a small block of land.

1. Make Use of the Site 

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A small plot of land does not always mean a lesser floor area. If your site conditions and budget permits, you can always go for split level home designs. This will tremendously increase the space you can use and might also add more value to the land.

If you do not want to add more floors right away, you can also leave provisions that allow for future extensions. It would be better to do that at the construction stage itself rather than having to do the changes when its time for a home renovation.

2. Use the Maximum Buildable Space

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If you are looking to extend to the maximum of floor area then you might have to give up a little on the outdoor space. Consult with your builders near Brisbane how close to the boundary can you build. An extra meter could go a long way when it comes to making it a living space. In certain scenarios, even though you cannot use the area on the ground level you might be able to extend it in the upper floors with cantilever support as long as no permanent structures are placed for support in the required setback. There are several such ways that builders and architects enforce to make sure that they use the maximum area.

3. Go for Flexible Spaces

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The one most important thing that you will have to take upon is flexibility if you are looking for small  house designs Brisbane has. Similar to trying to squeeze in a bit of extra space here and there, you might also need to give up on a bit.

For instance, instead of allocating one space for one purpose, you can design it to be flexible. You might not be able to have a family room and a lounge room, but you can design a common room with furniture that works well for both situations. You can also have walls that are foldable or hidden that could be used to separate a room into two or make it bigger when needed.

4. Be Careful WIth Furniture

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One common mistake that everybody does is to buy furniture that is oversized for small spaces. The lesser the furniture, the bigger space would look. Today, you can find plenty of furniture solutions in the market that takes up less space but can be adapted to another form when needed.

Sofa beds, murphy beds, beds with storage, tables with storages and even expandable all fall under that category. As storage is another big issue with smaller areas, this is a way of maximizing the space as well as utilizing the space in the best way possible.

5. Work Out Room Sizes

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Instead of finding furniture that will suit your room dimensions, try to make rooms that can function with the furniture sizes. . Especially when it comes to bedrooms, look at what size bed you want and how much space you want around it and then calculate the room size.

For example, if you want a queen size bed with side tables then the room size has to be at least 3.6 x 3.6 meter to have enough space to move around, excluding the space for the wardrobe. For smaller rooms, 3 m x 3m is sufficient to have a single bed and a working desk. However, it is always best to keep the measurement of the furniture in mind and then plan for room sizes.

6. Make it Look SpaciousCommercial Builders Brisbane

While working with narrow b house designs Brisbane, there is a limit to which you can make the rooms bigger. What you can do is to create the feel of spaciousness. To achieve this the first thing to do is to make use of the natural light. Natural light sources can certainly lift a room. Being in the southern hemisphere, house plans Brisbane work the best when the light sources are faced to the north. Understand how the sun moves, about any obstacles in your way such as a tree or a neighboring building and plan your openings accordingly.

The second is to look at ways to increase the volume of the room. By increasing the ceiling height, you also get longer glazings and thus more light into the rooms. On the top floor, you can also use skylights to give the effect. This will make the space look and feel more generous than how the floor plans Brisbane commonly sees.

The next is to focus on the interior by choosing the right shades, textures, and finishes to make it look bigger. The use of lighter colors, reflective and clean surfaces add a gracious touch to the rooms.

7. The Indoor Outdoor Transitions

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Even in the smallest plots, it is possible to create outdoor spaces that could also be utilized as usable ones. Using big unobstructed windows for views or balconies that could be closed up when needed could all contribute a bit towards maximizing the space. Combine both indoor and outdoor spaces to create semi-private areas that can be used for multiple purposes.

For house plans in small blicks, having the interior planned well is as important as having the right layout. Investing in an interior designer will undoubtedly prove to be the right decision while dealing with small spaces.

To find out more about excellent interior designers and best home builders Brisbane offers, click on the contact button of TrustCo. We will guide you along every step of the way to finish your work with Brisbane builders.

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