Do you have any idea on how to get building permits and approvals if you thought that building a house is all about design, materials, and construction, you left out an integral part. No work can proceed without getting all the necessary approvals from the local building authorities. 

The whole process of getting the permits sounds terrible just at the prospect of waiting in offices and the time required. But instead of thinking it as a frustrating, if you consider it as ensuring safety for your own protection, then it might not sound so bad in your head.

But the hard truth is, irrespective of how you might feel, the approvals are necessary to go forward with the construction.  If not done right, the chances of getting the permits not slim. Eventually, it could also result in huge penalties from your side.

So let us get into the details of building permits and how it works.Choosing the right building designers is important as it can make or break your project.

What are Building Permits?

 How To Get Building Permits And Approvals

Planning permits are a set of legal documents that authorize the construction in a plot of land.  The licenses will also include approval for floor plans, after checking whether the measurements and aesthetics confide with the regulations for the particular area. In a few regions, these regulations also determine the appearance as well as the positioning of building on the site. Find the expert Brisbane builders and renovators by reaching out to TrustCo for guidance.

Building permits include written approvals from a registered building surveyor indicating that the construction of any kind, a new building, alterations, repairs, removal or demolition is permitted to commence. The building permit is proof that the plans and specifications comply with the rules and safety regulations of the building council. Get in touch as one of our friendly team members will get back to you within 48 hours.

Where to get the Permits from?

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The local council of your area provides the planning permits. The documents and other application forms required are available from the council office itself. For a building permit, you need to contact a registered building surveyor who can do the inspection.

Depending on the type of construction and alterations, not even construction requires a planning permit. The Brisbane builders are usually aware of what situations you need one. To get the permits, you can either get the procedures done by yourself or hire an agent. Choose the right Brisbane builders for your home.

What do Permits Cost?

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The cost and fees of any building permit depend on the nature of the construction. Factors like the location, region, local council size, scale, complexity all contribute to the final cost. For building permits, the charges might also vary depending on the surveyor.

If you fail to get the necessary permits, the fine for noncompliance would be much higher than the cost itself. With a vetting standard that satisfies only the pickiest, renovation builder Brisbane ensure that your expectations will be met, if not exceeded.


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Like mentioned before depending on the location, the specifications might change. Get information from your local council if your plot has any exemptions. If any small changes could be made in the plan, a permit might not be required at all.

Who can Get the Permits for You?

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As the owner of the building, it is your responsibility to ensure that permits are in place before you start the construction. However, the process might require time and multiple visits that could hinder your daily tasks.

You can also nominate someone who is more familiar with the procedures. The architect or house builders Brisbane often have their own agents who take care of such things. They can source the permit on your behalf. But make it a point to have an agreement drawn up mentioning that the third party is acting upon your interest.

But keep in mind that, irrespective of who gets the permit for you, any noncompliance issue will affect only you as the owner. Our house and land packages Brisbane got you covered from $50K renovations to $5M projects. If you live in a community complex and want to renovate, you do need to consult the owners before making any drastic changes. If the renovations affect any common area or the exterior of the building,  then there could be many restrictions.

Once the work is completed, the owner also needs to obtain the Certificate of Final Inspection or Occupancy Permit. Finding the right finance brokers can literally save you tens of thousands. 

How to Choose the Building Surveyor

 Custom Home Builders Brisbane | How to Get Building Permit & Approvals

Your builder can suggest building surveyor do the inspection. However, if you hire your own, you can be more confident about the nature and objectivity of the evaluation. This way, you can also be sure that the surveyor is not biased towards the builder and compromise on the quality of the construction. Custom Home Builders Brisbane gets you 3 competitive quotes from the most trusted builders.

The surveyor needs to inspect in intervals when specific stages are completed. It is the responsibility of the builder to notify the surveyor when the particular stage reaches completion. The surveyor also provides the Certificate of Final Inspection or Occupancy in Australia.

Things to Remember

 Custom Home Builders Brisbane | How to Get Building Permit & Approvals

While it is entirely up to the local council to approve the permits, there are still a few things that you can do from your end to make sure that there are no discrepancies in the process.

  • Talk to your neighbors about your plan and consult if they have any objections to a design element that would affect their privacy or would feel like an encroachment to their property or views.
  • Speak with the local council before you submit the application about building restrictions, zones, and other specific energy efficiency requirements.
  • Ensure that the floor plans comply with the regulations right from the design stage itself.  It is much difficult to make changes later once the design is complete.
  • Present your plans to the council and see whether you need any additional documents or alterations for approval.
  • Be patient while the application is processing. These things usually take their time and course.
  • If rejected, consider the possibility of an appeal. But find out whether it is worth or, or the changes are inevitable.
  • Plan your building schedule considering the time required to process the application and receive the approval. It is recommended to proceed with the construction or the site alterations only after you receive the permissions.

When the application is approved, the council will issue the Construction Certificate. Now you are free to begin the construction. Our luxury home builders Brisbane can get your homes of dreams to become real.

The process would seem hectic and frustrating at many points. But the best builders Brisbane has can advise you along every step of the way. Find the expert Brisbane builders and renovators by reaching out to TrustCo for guidance.

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