Building your home is one of the most important things in life. From the dreams you have had, from the vision board you made, from all the hopes, it is something that becomes a reality of who you are and journey of life.

Where you live could define your entire life. Your home is where the memories are made and the neighbourhood you are in definitely shapes your life.

When you think of home, it is the space as a whole that comes to your mind. The colours of the rooms, the designs of wallpapers and the tiny things that are close to your heart that makes it original for you all come together to make it special.

In the process, most people tend to overlook the significance of a good plan. The floor plan is what that determines the flow of the house, its functionalities and could even affect the interior perceptions in many ways.

From the numerous home designs you come across every day, the challenge is to find the right one, that is suitable for you. Here are a few things to remember, while you are on the lookout for house plans for your beautiful home.

1. Choose the Requirements

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Whether you are hiring a building designer or designing a home yourself, first you need a clear idea of what you need in your home. Now, the thing to keep in mind is every single member of your family will have their own ideas about how they want their home to be.

So if you are considering a home for your family, it is essential that you sit together and discuss what everyone is looking for in the house. Even if your kid is only two years old, she or he might still have specific requirements for their bedroom or play area. Having this discussion as a family will make every member feel their opinions are heard and acknowledged.

The first thing to do is to make a clear list of requirements of your house. For starters, consider answering these questions that could help you decide on a few things.

  • The number of floors
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Common spaces and their uses
  • Ages of the inhabitants
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Type of Kitchen
  • Basement
  • Any special requirements for differently abled
  • Any other rooms like a wine cellar
  • Parking
  • Storages
  • Style of Construction

You can download a similar checklist from the internet. If you are hiring a professional for the plan, you might also receive one from them to clearly state your requirements.

2. Choosing the locality

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Like we touched upon briefly before, the neighbourhood you live in could set the course of your life. If you are wondering how where the house is located could affect the floor plans, let us make it clear that it does.

For one thing, the general topography could affect how the plans are designed, the levels of the structure and accessibility to it. Considering a city like Brisbane, there is diverse geography that could immensely influence the house designs. Suburbs like Moggill, Chappell Hill and Enoggerra sit atop the Herbert Taylor Range with mountainous terrain. The Moreton Bay, on the other hand, offers some of the best coastal views.

Luxury home builders Brisbane has, are taking advantage of the site to create houses with large windows and terraces opening up to the magnificent views nature has to offer. Even if you are not leaning to the luxurious side of things, there might still be features the Brisbane builders could make use of while designing your home.

Depending on the locality, the set of codes you have to follow, and the permits you need might be entirely different too. This is another thing you need to consider for the planning.

3. Choosing the style

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Just like the requirements, the style of your home is also tremendously influenced by its inhabitants. Whether you are going with the traditional style or for a more contemporary approach is something you need to decide on before you start planning.

You might want to explore options of an open house plan or a plan with proper room separations. It is also wise to see homes, make a note of the features you like that could work well for you.

4. Consider Remodelling

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Now, you could always go for building a new house from scratch. Or, you could buy an existing house and renovate it according to your taste. With a few models, it is even possible to knock down rebuild Brisbane houses to whole new ones. You can clear out the entire interior and replan the entire house.

Drawing a plan for such cases would be a different strategy altogether. You might want to consider the options before you proceed further.

5. Setting the budget

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Knowing how much you can spend on the house is something that could determine the direction of your house planning. This is the key aspect that would decide the area of your house and other features. The more you can afford, the better you can afford to build.

This budget could also get you insight into the type of house, its style and the kind of professional you can hire to help with the process. It is essential you communicate your budgetary limitations to the designing team so they can develop the plan accordingly.

6. Choosing the builder

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For any dream house to take shape, you need the help of professionals. Whether you can draw a plan by yourself or not, it is highly recommended to hire highly experienced people to do it.

Usually, it is the architect that draws out the plan for you. When you hire an architect, you might want to respect their professional freedom. One mistake people usually do is to overboard architects with ideas that are not suitable for the site or the building. You do not go to a doctor and tell them what medicine to prescribe right?

However, if you already have a plan, you can also approach builders and ask them to modify an existing plan according to your requirements and site specifications.

A simple internet search for house builder Brisbane could give you a list of contacts. However, it is best to get testimonials and even contact their previous clients to make sure the builder is the right one for you.

7. Communicate

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We can’t stress enough on the importance of proper communication while planning your house. With your family and the team, it is vital that you maintain a healthy and constant correspondence to convey what exactly you are looking for.

It is best to have all the ideas laid out on the planning stage itself, as it would only get difficult to make modifications once the construction has started.

8. Perceive the space

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The role of a good floor plan is to ensure that there is a good spatial flow in the house. It also means while you are planning, it is wise to know where the furniture is going to be.

You definitely don’t want to finish building and realise that a chair is obstructing the passage between two doors. Perceiving the space as a whole will make sure that the windows are also placed accurately and the openings are not blocked by any furniture.

On the same page, it is important to realise that something interesting that you saw in Architectural Digest might not work for you, in your site, for your plan. It is good to be inspired by it is also essential that you let go of unrealistic ideas.

9. Decide on furniture

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One great way of reducing the expenses in furnishing is to include them as a part of the civil structure of the building. For example, if you have a built-in wardrobe, itis going to be cheaper than buying a separate closet and installing it later.

The same could also go for kitchens. Such things have to be discussed beforehand with the designer so they can integrate it in the plan itself.

10. Leave room for renovation

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Not everyone is capable of building a house for the far future foreseeing every single requirement. Factors like the budget, site, and area could determine this to an extent, or you simply might not want a big home at the moment.

But as humans, we do tend to hope for change. So when you hire for home renovations Brisbane builders, you can do some things to make their job easier for them.

It is always smart to design keeping in mind the possibility of remodelling and renovating. If you don’t need a third bedroom now, you could leave it open as a terrace but leave room for wiring and plumbing there. If you need to add another floor to the house later, you could work the foundation strong enough now to withhold the extra load in the future.

Such decisions might seem unnecessary at the beginning stage, but it will save you a lot of time, money and effort if you need something redone.

11. Plan for energy efficiency

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If you are conscious about the environment or simply because the Department of housing in your region demands so, you might have to consider a few aspects that could contribute less towards global warming. Right from the materials used to install solar panels, there are many options you can seriously consider for making your house a lot greener.

It is best to have these things discussed while you plan the house. You might need to leave a larger setback for the compost and design the roof to implement the panels and even put in the wiring accordingly. For the greater good of Mother Nature and for humankind, it is worth spending a little to explore the possibilities of an energy efficient home.

12. Make piece with the plan

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We as humans usually tend to question our choices often. Once you have finalised on your plan, it is easy to go back and wonder whether it could be better. Of course, you have made compromises due to space and your budget or for another family member. But it is the outcome you have got, and you tried your best to make it perfect.

So the next time you go to your friend’s house and see something nice, don’t think to yourself you could have done that with your house. You love your home and comparing it with other houses is not going to do any good. Your house represents your personalities.

If at all you need to change something, remember what we discussed before? That is why we left room for improvement. You might have to do it in the next five-year plan, but you can still do it when it is the right time for you.

13.  Bonus Tips

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Since you made it to the end of the article, to thank you and reward you of your patience, we have a few additional tips here that could help you with the whole thing.

Brisbane is a beautiful place to live. With just enough portion of urban and nature, there is no better place to own your house. Another great thing about our city is that we have some of the brilliant home builders too. All you need to do is to take your time and choose your team wisely. Trustco help finish your dream house for you just the way you want it.

To help you a little more, here are a few links that you might find useful while looking for house plans.

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Making your dream house does come with a lot of responsibility. But it could also turn out to be one of the most fascinating things you ever did in your life. The feeling of achievement and euphoria you go through when you start living in your own home is something irreplaceable.

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