After putting some serious thought into it, you have finally decided to hire an builder in Brisbane for your first house. Now that you know what to dom the next step is to look on how to do it. As much as hiring an architect might feel reassuring, finding the right architect for your house might seem a bit overwhelming.

With plenty of options out on the internet, a dozen home magazines and everyone around suggesting their friend, or friend of a friend, deciding to give the creativity key of your house to someone is definitely a daunting task.

So here let us try to simplify the job of choosing the right architect.

1. What do You Want?

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The first thing to ask yourself is what do you want. Before consulting with an architect you should be able to clearly explain to them what you require in the house, what style they need and how you want to approach the project.

Every architect has a certain style of designing. This is obvious from there work which you can find on their websites. What you have to do is try to relate these works to the final house design that you have in mind.

It is also best to be open with the architect right from the first meeting about your budget, This way if they cannot complete the project within your budget or you cannot afford their fees, there is no need to proceed further.

2. Look For Referrals

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It is easy to find architects through the internet. But if you are looking for some recommendations, there is nothing better than your social network to start with. Asking your friends and family will get you information not only about architects but also their type fo work and how your services are, In a few cases, you might also be able to see the houses they designed before seeing the architect itself. If you already know any other person in the construction field such as any home builders in Brisbane, you can also ask them for referrals.

3. Research By Yourself

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Even with the best recommendations, it will always work out best if you do your homework. You can always check for their works online, do a study of their previous works, get inputs from their previous clients on their experiences. As architects are licensed, you can also contact the local regulatory body or the council of architects to ensure that they are properly registered to offer services.

4. Keep Your Options Open

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Do not limit yourself to the meeting just one architect, When you start the process keep a list of all the custom home builders in Brisbane you find the most interesting. Even if you are happy with the first architect, it would not hurt you to meet the rest of them on the list, you never know how they might turn out.

Every architect has their own ways of handling a client. While one can offer you exceptional design, you might be more comfortable working with someone else in the long run. Significantly, you consider all factors before choosing one.

5. Do Interviews

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You must meet with the architect and their team in person before you agree to sign them. As your work relationship with the architect is for the long term, you have to make sure that your ideas are on the same page. You cannot work with someone whose thought process is entirely different than yours. You can ask any questions you have and also show them images of house designs that you have collected before.

If needed, you can also take more than one interview to make sure that you are comfortable with the entire team. In case you approached them through the internet, you can also ask the architect to see their previous work. This will give you a chance to inspect their work in person, see whether you like it and also speak to their previous clients.

6. Ask About Their Services

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The services offered by architects range from just the design to entire project management. During your interviews, it is important that you ask them what all is covered under their fees. A few architects do not offer interior design as a part of their services, whereas a few do. Their fees would also vary on what they take up in the project. The scope of what they offer will also depend on the type of project, the requirements, and any other circumstances that could influence the design.

For the best result, it is best to have the architect do the overall management of the construction. Whatever their scope allows, make sure that it is explicitly written in the agreement.

7. About the Sub Consultants

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If the architect’s services include project management, then usually they are the ones coordinating the other teams. All the essential services such as the work of the structural and mechanical engineers, electricians, carpenters, and every other team are managed by the architect.

This could work in two ways. One, the architect themselves can hire these sun-consultants based on their requirements and who works best for their design. They will know whether to hire luxury builders Brisbane or custom builders Brisbane depending on the requirements of the project. The other way is for the client to hire these parties and the architect to coordinate these services. This is another aspect that you have to discuss with the architect before signing an agreement with them.

Either way, it is essential that the architect gets to do the overall management and is able to communicate effectively with the rest of the team.

It is indeed possible to find free Australian house designs and floor plans on the internet today. But having an architect do the new house designs exclusive for your property and to suit your needs makes all the difference to you as the homeowner.

To help you a bit more, we at TrustCo has a list of the best architects in Brisbane for you. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

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