In case you don’t have any ideas of how to choose between spec homes and new builds this post will help you with that. The idea of owning a house is exhilarating. You would have tons of ideas in your head and dreamt about how every nook and corner is going to look like. 

One of the first steps to achieving this dream is to decide how you want to proceed with it. When you think about a house itself, there are a million things that come to your mind. There would be questions about finances, finding the builder, investing time to overlook everything and endless meetings. But it does not always have to be that way. If you are unsure where to begin, contact us at Trustco.

The first thing is to realize that there is more than one method to work out this out. The end result of owning a house could be achieved in many ways. One can buy an existing Spec home or a build one from scratch. But how do you make this decision?

Of course, there are a dozen factors that play into the picture. The only way to choose is by weighing in each and every one of them. Before that, it is also essential to have a look at what both options can offer you in the first place. Our house and land packages Brisbane got you covered from $50K renovations to $5M projects.

Here is what you need to know about both choices.

Spec Home

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A spec home is a new property that is already completed or nearing completion at the time of sale. The floor plan, layout, appliances, and other features are all picked up the home builder itself and not the buyer. Mostly such houses are built as prototypes, but there are less hassle and pressure involved in such a purchase. Choosing the right building designers is important as it can make or break your project.

Why buy a Spec Home?

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Let us see what the positive things in buying a spec home are.

  • As a buyer, you don’t have to invest so much in the details of the house. As exciting as it would sound in your head, the part of getting the house design done often causes headaches and stress. This way, you get the finished product, and all you have to worry about is the money part.
  • You don’t individually have to hire separate teams. Starting from finding the right architect, choosing an agreeable contractor from Brisbane builders list, and often having to play the middle man between the two parties, you are given a final product while experts take care of everything else.
  • Like mentioned previously, construction companies Brisbane often build such houses in numerous numbers. This means they have higher purchasing power. High-end fixtures and appliances, and even flooring which would individually cost you more if you are building yourself could be purchased in bulk at much lower rates by builders.
  • Another impressive factor is the simplicity in financing. You can avoid complex lending methods, structures, and progress payments while signing up for a spec home.
  • Opting for a spec home also means you know when the house will be ready and when you can move in.

With a vetting standard that satisfies only the pickiest, Brisbane renovators ensure that your expectations will be met, if not exceeded.

Why not a Spec Home?

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  • While the pros might seem appealing to many, there are others who would be disappointed in not being able to make design decisions and pick up every detail for the house.
  • You will mostly be receiving one of many product houses, similar to many Brisbane house plans built by the same commercial builders Brisbane.
  • The home design might include features that you don’t want or need, and you will have to pay for them anyway.

New Build

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New build in simple and straightforward terms means newly built. You start right from scratch, from buying a property, hiring a designer, finalizing a plan and constructing it. It involves you in every single aspect and requires you to make tons of decisions. It might also take a longer time to complete the process. Choose the right builders Brisbane for your home.

Why invest in New build?

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  • A new build gives you a chance to build the house of your dreams. You can opt for a house plan that suits your lifestyle, preferences and any special requirements. In a new build, you are the decision maker.
  • You don’t have to pay for things or elements you don’t need. The home will be tailored to you.
  • You can plan by your own interior details, and even construct the house with inbuilt measures for such choices.
  • Your home will be one of a kind and reflect your own style.

Why not Choose a  New Build?

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  • Building a house from scratch demands you to make many decisions, at times even things have no clue about.
  • You will also have to be apart of getting all the necessary approvals from the local authorities and would have to make multiple visits to multiple offices.
  • The construction would face unexpected challenges, leading to further delays.
  • There could be a long wait from the time you decide that you want your own house actually to live there.
  • The finances, loans, and mortgage are more complex and involve many stages.
  • It requires a lot of time and effort from your side to visit the site regularly, overlook the construction and attend meetings with the teams.

Now you have more understanding of how both choices work. The decision entirely depends on your preferences. If you have a flair to design and have always looked forward to building your dream house, then a new build could be the one for you. Finding the right finance brokers can literally save you tens of thousands. 

On the other hand, if you have been looking for an option that keeps you away from the drama and decision making that comes with a lengthy construction process, a Spec build is the right way to go. Custom Home Builders Brisbane gets you 3 competitive quotes from the most trusted builders. Get in touch as one of luxury home builders Brisbane friendly team members will get back to you within 48 hours.

For both of these, what could make the difference is a great team and importantly the right builder. The quality of the construction and appliances would depend on the expertise and reputation of the builder. It is vital to check on the builder’s track record, financial stability or even visits a few completed projects before you make a choice. When in doubt, always seek the help of a third party, whether it is a building broker or a real estate agent, who could give you more insight.

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