Every person has their own taste and style. This uniqueness of their thoughts and ideas is what is reflected in their home. As soon as you step into any house, everything about it speaks about the people living in it.

Colours bring life to houses. Designing your space with them would a playful thing to do at the same time. From the colour of the walls to the small curios on the coffee table, your home speaks a beautiful language that you alone can understand. There are a few among us who loves the shades of black and white while others like to throw a bunch of colours to it. Get in touch with TrustCo to choose awesome building designers in Brisbane for your project.

Today, people are as invested in the interiors as much as floor plans and every other construction detail. But you don’t always have to have a degree to decorate your home tastefully. If a colourful house is what you have in mind, this article could help you a long way.

There are many ways to approach a colourful home design and let us consider a few here.

1. Choose a Colour Palette

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You might want as many colours as you can in the room. But for it to be pleasing to the eyes, you need to create a colour palette first. A colour scheme will ensure that the room is not too cluttered with objects and everything works in harmony.

To create a colour palette, you can pick a few colours you think will work well with each other and work around those. For example, a room with white, blue and yellow as a colour scheme could have different shades of all these colours but not more.

You might want one single scheme for the whole house for different schemes for individual rooms like bedrooms. You could also create multiple palettes as per the taste of the person using the room.

2. Colour on Walls

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A brilliant idea to pop up your home is to have an accent wall. Accent walls are the highlighted wall of the room, usually painted with a different colour than the rest or with a different texture. You could go all bold or even choose a neutral colour for this. It changes the room entirely making everything else revolve around this.

A new trend in modern house designs is to accent the ceiling instead of the wall. You could use soft colours or vivid ones depending on the lighting in the room. With profile lights or with crown moldings, the wall could be separated enough to stand out too.

3. Colour on Floor

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When we think of floors, what often comes to our mind are light or dark wood, marbles or tiles. But you could go a bit trendy and get colourfully designed tiles for the floor. Ceramic tiles come today with a variety of pad patterns and colours and if the whole space is planned around it, could elevate the vibe. Of course, if the floor is colourful, you might want to neutralise the other spaces to balance it out.

However, the most common method of emphasising the floor is by adding a colourful carpet. It doesn’t have to be a small one; you could also have a rug for the entire floor in patterns. Even ottomans could make a difference on the floor with its height.

4. Colour of Furniture and Furnishings

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As you might have already thought of, the things that could make the most difference is the furniture. Now there are many ways to go about this. You could buy colourful furniture or buy neutral colours and accentuate it with a few accessories like a colourful pillow or throw.

You could also highlight one single piece of furniture, by choosing that alone to be of different colour. For instance, in a kitchen design of white countertop and black cabinets, a yellow stool for the breakfast table will make the whole ambience edgy and modern.

You could also paint the back of bookshelves and cabinets to make it unique.

5. Styling your Home

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Home styling is now appreciated as a design field itself. Consider a room with bare necessary furniture, which makes it more pleasing are a few personal items, a stunning lamp, an extraordinary painting and things like that.

People no longer want to keep their whimsical collections in storage units. You could arrange it in ways that bring the whole room together. A painting could impact your room in a magnificent way, or a gallery wall would be just the right thing your room needed.

6. Bring in Nature

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There is nothing else that could make a room more pleasant than a bunch of flowers or a pot of plant. Welcoming nature into your home could add colour, personality, fragrance and are definitely a sight for sore eyes. You can style them in many ways, hang it around, plant them in pots, or decorate your window sills with them. If you cannot maintain a live plant, today in the market, there are many artificial ones to replace them.

7. Use Mirrors

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While bringing in too many colours could make a room a bit smaller, a great way to compliment it is by adding mirrors. With a quirky frame, a mirror could be the most whimsical part of the decor. An old frame could be transformed into a great piece if you paint it over with a colour that goes with the rest of the room.

8. Hire a Great Team

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There are certain things in house designs you can’t do yourself to get the desired finish. You need experts to fill the gaps. So you could hire a designer from the very beginning to help you with it. How many ever ideas you have; if you don’t know how to implement them, it cannot happen. Designers are resourceful and would know where exactly to find a piece you might have always been looking for.

Or if you are confident that your ideas would suffice, then hire a builder or draftsman who can work out the details perfectly for new home designs. Our house builders in Brisbane always has a history of working efficiently to give cent per cent customer satisfaction.

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