Every construction comes with its own set of requirements. It would take specialised professionals to undertake jobs that cater to their specific fields. For taking as massive as building your house, you do want to pick the right commercial builders.

A home addition or extension might be even more complicated than a new build. Though both fall under the category of renovation, it is still a tough question on which way to go especially when you are not sure of the difference.

Difference between Home Addition and Extension

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Home addition in builders terms means that you are enlarging an existing room. A home extension, on the other hand, means the addition of another room. Either way, both of these approaches will require knowing down a few walls and adding some extra space.

It would depend on the size of the extension and the methods to see if the renovations might disrupt the inhabitants of the house. If there is a way to seal off an area, while the other essential usable spaces are unaffected, then both the options offer the residents not to require having to stay elsewhere.

Additions and extensions usually mean that you are adding a space that is not already in the footprint of the house. So in most scenarios, it would involve working with the exterior part without disturbing the rest of the building.  

Another approach is to add another floor to the house. Now, this would inevitably mean that a part of the roof would be affected unless the stairs come as a part of the addition. Ensure that the roof is covered at all times so it will not damage the interior particularly if the family is staying there.

Custom house builders Brisbane has, always try to make the construction process as smooth as possible, without disrupting the family. But if there is a member who is allergic to dust from debris, even with the sealing off, it might be better for a temporary relocation.

Choosing the Builder for Home Addition and Extension

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Not every builder is equipped to deal with the requirements of home additions and extensions. It is complicated than a new build and would require more expertise. Look for the following things in the local builders Brisbane while choosing for this particular work.

  • Licensed Builder – Hire only builders who can show a valid license for the course of conduction. It proves that they are competent and has insurance in case any mishaps or accidents happen.
  • Renovation builders Brisbane–   Home renovation builders Brisbane you hire have to be specialised in home additions and extensions. They will have knowledge and experience about how to tackle problems in such constructions by reducing the maximum impact. They will also get the work done as quickly as possible.
  • Builders Warranty Insurance – It is essential that the builder is ready to take out the warranty insurance and offer you the certificate. Check whether the insurance covers construction, materials and workmanship.
  • Check the track Record – Before hiring any builder, talk to their previous clients and find out how the builders work still stands. Even with the portfolio of the builder, it would be wise to get direct testimonials of earlier clients; a trustworthy home builder will not hesitate to give you references.
  • Compatibility with the Builder – How you can work around the builder is a crucial factor. You will need the help of the builder to get the approvals and permissions from the council. If you are hiring an architect or designer to plan for the addition, make sure that all members of the team can work well with each other and communicate effectively.

Costs of Home Extensions

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The cost would be the deciding factor for many builds. It is essential to have a budget and plan the construction around it. Here is a rough calculation based on the current market to give you an idea.

  • Approximately $1350 per square meter for single storey extensions
  • Approximately $2100 per square meter for double storey extensions
  • Between $1500 and $2500 per square meter for loft and space conversions.

The costing would depend entirely on the requirements. You can even convert spaces that you use less like the basement, cellar or the garage. A garage conversion might cost lesser than the basement or cellar due to the difficulty in access and the process.

Another point to acknowledge is that the less used spaces like these would require services by the electrician or a plumber, making the conversions more expensive.

Whether to Extend Home or Move

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There might be many reasons that you choose for a home extension. To start, you are happy with the location and amenities and the existing house. There might only be very minimal changes required for you to upgrade the home. It might be difficult to uproot to another place and start over. If you have been consistent with the mortgage payments, it would also be easy to find another loan for a home extension.

If you think the move would be better for your family, compare the cost of both. A complete move would be expensive than a home extension. There might be many approaches to renovating your house for your needs that might not be obvious to you. That is why it is relevant to know your options before making a decision. For this, you have to consult with an architect or builder.

Something as simple as garage conversion or extending to the yard could provide possible solutions for your current problems. The most important thing is to find the right builder for any construction. An inexperienced builder might not even be capable of resolving the unforeseen issue that comes with renovations.

Builders Brisbane can help you through the council process, and give advice on lending money. Many extensions could be done in stages too. More than the creative knowledge e of the designer, it would be the practical knowledge of the builder that would come to your aid for a home extension.

Contact Trustco and we can help you to find an expert among builders Brisbane to consult for a home extension.

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