Every construction is guided by a set of drawings that essentially tells the builder what to do. Right from the floor plans to the exterior views, it all makes up for every single detail of every corner of the house.

Once the basic house and land packages Brisbane have been finalised, the next step for the architect or the designer is to make drawings that represent the details of the building. Such details are shown with the architectural drawings that show the elevations, sections, framing plans and shadow diagrams of the house.

Let us take a look here in detail about the role of what each one of these for construction.

Elevation Drawings

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Elevations describe the front view of different parts of the house. They are always drawn to scale, with every dimension and angle marked clearly. To explain it better, an elevation of the front facade will show you how the house looks from the street on an eye level. It will include dimensions of the door, windows, and other design elements. It will show the roof angle and details of the type of material. If there are any roof claddings used, that would also be represented in the drawing.

Apart from being a complete technical drawing, elevation drawings could also be rendered to show how the material and finish would look in real. Such details are required for every exterior face of the house.

Elevations are not just for the exterior facades. For any interior design, even the interior walls are given detailed elevation drawings. It often represents any cupboards, position of any fixtures, kitchen design, power sockets, and even wallpaper specifications.

Furthermore, if you have a specific design for the joinery, that includes the doors and windows, each of these designs is further shown in elevation drawings featuring the measurements, grill patterns and type of panelling used.

Section Drawings

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Section drawings or the wall sections are the keys to finding how the house is built. Even the floor plan is a section from the top view. A section line is drawn in the plan that shows which part of the wall is cut and the section is drawn by extending perpendicular lines from the plans.

As per architects and builders, sections are the most important kind of drawings that help them to know every detail of the house design. The sections of all parts of the house will be provided to the builder that shows parts of the foundation, the wall section, the stair area, the basement, and the roof.

A section diagram will represent details such as

  • Thickness of walls
  • Materials used
  • Heights of the different features
  • Roof sheathing and cladding
  • Insulation materials and installation techniques
  • Details of the structural frames
  • Shape and structure of the eaves
  • Roof pitch

As you can see, the section is the drawing that has to be most thorough. Depending on the home designs, the number of sections required and what details it depicts will also change.

Framing Plans

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Houses are often built with a frame that forms the basic structure of the house; It is on this that the other features are installed on. Many homes today also have a column beam structure that is steel reinforced, Either way, this structure has to be specifically designed by engineers after taking into consideration the type of soil, the foundation and the load of the house.

A framing plan shows the structure details, its composition, materials, number of steel or timber reinforcement and thickness of the slabs and frames. The framing plan is of utmost importance as the entire support of the house is based on them. Even the initial excavation in the soil depends on the structural details of the house.

For a plan, it would specify the exact location of these structural components. Framing plans has to be extremely accurate too. For example, leaving an opening within the frame for windows or doors means that you should find a piece that fits perfectly, or else you will have to go custom, as the structure once put up would cost tremendously to change and would even affect the building strength.

Framing plans, like section, will have many other cross-references to detail the other required parts that need to be blown up to a larger scale that is comprehensible.

Shadow Diagram

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A shadow diagram shows the roof plan of the house and how the building casts shadows on the site. It will give you an idea whether the building envelope is affecting the neighbouring properties, restricting the solar and wind access to the other sites.

Shadow diagrams are drawn up for different times of the year like the midwinter solstice when the shadows tend to be the longest. Shadow diagrams are required to get the necessary approvals from the local council to show how the development would affect the neighbouring properties. Commercial builders Brisbane can guide you through the process of applications for this. Shadow diagrams are more critical for split level house plans Brisbane has in any smaller blocks.

Many local councils also require energy efficient features like solar panels. In such cases, the shadow diagram is necessary to prove that your house is not disrupting the access of sunlight to any other houses, This will also help you understand how with an outdoor area is shaded and whether you would need to design any elements for shade.

Reflected Ceiling Plan

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A reflected ceiling plan indicated how the ceiling design looks if it is reflected on the floor. In a normal plan, ceiling design could only be represented by dotted lines which would make it difficult for a builder to understand measurement. Thus reflected ceiling plans are drawn as a separate diagram to give clear information to the builder. It will also show if there are any additional materials used, where the light fixtures are placed and where fixtures like air condition vents and ceiling fans would go.

Every single drawing has its own purpose and is absolutely necessary to convey to the building team what the architect has intended in mind.

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