Most of the repair in the house could be put off for a while until you have figured out the money. But when it comes to the basic structure of the house, it wouldn’t always be in yours or the house’s best interest to wait up.

If you have found yourself in such a situation, this article would be useful to know about the foundation repairs and how much would it cost.

How to check whether you need a foundation repair?

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Problems in foundations happen more frequently than you might expect. Structures are usually involved and depending on the type of foundation and soil structure, the foundation might need reinforcements. There could be a shift in soil due to many natural factors like erosion. The levels of moisture, the replaces soil after construction could all contribute to the compression of soil.

The build’s structural integrity depends on its foundation. However, cleverly design the foundation is, nobody has a cent per cent hold on how weather could affect the soil. It does not necessarily mean the foundation work was bad; sometimes nature has a stronger hand.

These changes will show as cracks on walls on the brick houses. If it is a timber house, keep an eye out for following changes.

  • Windows might stick while trying to open and close
  • Doors will be difficult to open because it does fall into place with the frame
  • Interior walls might show a few cracks.

There might be many other reasons for such changes to appear. The best option would be to get the foundation and the structure checked out with even the slight indication. It is not advised to wait until the damages are obvious and the foundation sinks. The longer you take to fix the problem, the more extensive the damage would be.

Costs of Foundation Repair

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There is no specific rate for foundation repairs; it is dependant on a variety of factors. For starters, if the foundation is difficult to access, that itself would create a problem. There are many ways to repair the foundation problems, without demolishing and starting from scratch. It would be best if you know what kind of foundation you have to explain it to the builders Brisbane has.

There are two common ways to reach the foundation; piering and slab jacking. Repairs that require massive equipment like hydraulic piers would cost you $10,000 and more. Minor cracks could be sorted out as less as $500. That is why it is essential to identify problems at the earliest.

Foundation problems could occur not only because of natural causes but also because of low maintenance. If the foundation already has some issue that is not immediately attended to, it could lead to irreparable damage. The house would no longer be safe to live in, and by the time you realize that you need repairs, it might be too late already. The sooner you acknowledge the problem; the cost could also be controlled.

Structural Reports

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If you notice any foundation issues, the first thing to do would be to hire a professional to check on the building. An experienced structural engineer would be the best person to approach. Make sure it is not the engineer you worked with to get an unbiased report of the problems and the best possible solution.

This would be better than talking to the house builders Brisbane you already hired for the job. After you get the report, you can approach the repair professional with your structural report to get the work done.

You can also go to the repair team in the beginning, but this would usually require for the repair team to hire a professional for which you will end up paying anyway,

Read here of the most commonly used methods to address foundation problems.


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Piering or piling involves the technique of driving steel pipe pilings to repair the damage. It is positioned under the foundation, and the foundation is raised using hydraulic lifts to the correct position. It would require multiple piers depending on the extent of the damage.

This method is one of the most expensive approaches due to the excavation and the tools. But it provides a permanent solution that would not be affected by changes in the soil or the building structure.  

On average, the piering costs could be broke down as follows.

  • $300-$1,500  for the Structural engineer and report
  • $500-$3,000 for  Ground assessment
  • $1,000-$2,500 to prepare the ground
  • $1,340 per pier typically 8-10 piers are required for an average home.

Slab Jacking

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Slab jacking involves lifting the foundation back to its place by using a slab made of grout mix and jacking it up. It is not suitable for all types of foundation damage, especially with changes in buildings structure and surrounding earth. For every drill hole. Approximately $150 is required.


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This is the process of laying a foundation under the old one to reinforce it further. It could cost $100,000 or more, again depending on the condition of the existing foundation. Underpinning today has many techniques that are not that expensive. If the problem is minor, you can use a Concreter to repair the foundation. There is also the method of interjecting resin to the soil to stabilise it.

Hiring the repair team

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Just like hiring new building designers Brisbane, for repairs also, it is best to look at more than one quote before choosing the team. Request for quotes from the best home builders Brisbane based on the structural report itself.

Different builders would also have different approaches, and you can go for the best one for your house and budget. It is necessary that even for foundation repairs, that the builders have prior experiences and valid insurances. Based on the expense of the damage, you might also need some repairs done on the exterior walls like filling the cracks.

If you are unsure about where to find an expert team for foundation repairs, contact TrustCo. We can provide you with the best Brisbane builders list for you to start with.

The goal of a green building is to cause minimum impact on the environment. It not only has sustainable features that make it environmentally friendly, but green houses are also very comfortable to live in.

If done right, the house design for eco house plans Australia can reduce the external energy consumption to keep the houses at optimum temperature. The home could adapt to the climatic changes by itself and thus offer a healthier set up for the inhabitants.

Green buildings are no longer considered just a trend. It is a conscious decision acknowledging our responsibility to the earth in minimising the harmful effect we cause. In a broader perspective, a green house should consume less energy, use less water, produce fewer greenhouse emissions and make the best use of recyclable building materials.

How to Build Greenbuilder Brisbane

There are many ways to implement sustainable ideas in your house such as

  • Retain the natural features and landscape
  • Use as many recycled materials as possible
  • Ensure to design home to allow maximum natural light and ventilation.
  • Incorporate passive design elements
  • Use an energy efficient heating and cooling system and proper insulation
  • Use renewable energy sources like solar energy
  • Use sustainable building materials with low embodied energy and emissions
  • Use appliances that consume less power
  • Implement rainwater harvesting

Here let us take a look in detail at a few green building ideas for your home.

  1. Sustainable Plumbingbuilders north Brisbane

Around the world, we see the water resources depleting. It is only when you live with no water to drink and for daily needs that you realise its importance. So it is our duty to do the best to conserve water as much as possible. It does not need any dramatic changes but could be something as simple as

  • To install low-flow shower heads and taps
  • Use a washing machine and dishwasher model that are highly energy efficient and low flow.  
  • Repair leaky plumbing as soon as possible
  • Install rainwater tank
  • Use natural filters to reuse grey water from the shower for gardening and landscaping.
  1. Rain Water Harvestinghouse builders Brisbane

One major point of conserving water is to build a rainwater tank. The building council regulations might require you to have one at your home. But even if it doesn’t, it is the first step towards a sustainable home. While planning with the new house designs itself, take measures in the drainage to collect rainwater from the roof and landscaping. Integrating plumbing to use this water throughout the house could save you both water bills and energy.

With a little filtering, this water could be used for the garden, washing your car, laundry and outdoor activities.

  1. Solar Energycustom home builders Brisbane

The one source of energy that is absolutely free and always available comes in the form of the sun. Solar panels might have expensive installation costs, but in the long run, it is the best way to save electricity bills and make your home sustainable. Depending on the power requirements of your house, you can determine the size of the solar panels and its output. Even a partial use of solar power for water heating could make significant changes in the use of electricity. It is best to integrate the system in your home design while construction itself, as you might need approvals.

You can also use a hybrid solar battery system along with the photovoltaics that is more expensive but reduces the dependency on grid power exponentially.

  1. Use of Sustainable Materialshome renovations Brisbane

One of the popular and most effective sustainable construction technique is to build using.  Strawbale is treated and compressed to a large block and tightened with wire around it. These large blocks are used to build walls just like using bricks. The wall is then plastered with a layer of soil or cement render to hold it in place and provide protection against fire.

Due to its properties and thickness, strawbale is an excellent choice of material to provide thermal insulation. It is environmentally friendly and highly durable that could last into even a hundred years. They are also strong enough for load-bearing walls, and even could be built in a frame structure. The wall can be used as both an external and internal wall, covered or exposed. You would need highly skilled home builders Brisbane with prior experience to do this work.

You can also use stabilised earth as a sustainable construction material. Use of recycled timber and brick is also an approach to being more eco-friendly in house designs.  

  1. Passive design and Insulationhouse builders Brisbane

The passive design takes advantage of what nature has to offer to make your home more comfortable. It means to use energy sources, particularly sunlight for both heat and light. We are not talking about solar panels, but carefully designed homes that allow the maximum use of light and heat to keep it comfortable.

In Australia, north facing windows welcome more light and warmth from the sun int the house. Cross ventilation also stresses the flow of air inside the house without the need for artificial air conditioning. The openings also require proper shading to avoid extra heat during the summer months.

Whatever building technique you choose, it is essential to use the correct insulation without that the energy could flow out requiring the house to consume more.

Choosing the Buildercommercial cuilders Brisbane

Energy efficient houses require project builders Brisbane who have prior experience in building green homes. Make it a point to get answers for the following questions before choosing the builder.

  • Qualifications, and license to practice
  • Valid builders warranty insurance
  • Offer for a written quote
  • Required time for completion of the project
  • Standard of the products used
  • References from earlier clients

It is also advised to hire an builder who is specialised in building green homes. Usually, the architect themselves can suggest a builder for such homes, with whom they have worked together The builder should also be able to source the materials and have labour equipped with the construction techniques.

Contact Trustco to find designers and builders for your green home designs who comes with the best expertise in the field.

When it comes to houses, many among us think the bigger, the better House is considered a direct representation of a person’s wealth in our society. It is hence understandable, the obsession we have for bigger houses.

But such demand, however, has not resulted in any decrease in construction cost. In fact, the prices of real estate and construction have only been spiking up.  If you require a home addition done to meet your family’s needs or even as an upgrade to your home, here is a small guide on how to approach it.

How to Plan for Home Additionbuilders Brisbane

The first step on the checklist of planning for a home addition is to decide what the requirements are. You have to be clear about the needs yourself before you approach any architect or designer about it.

An initial assessment of the state of the building by the designer or one of the Brisbane builders is necessary to evaluate how the addition can be planned. It is essential to know whether the structure can withstand more load or whether you would need to add further reinforcement.

It is only after that the architect can proceed with the plans for the addition. Depending on that, you can request quotes from home builders Brisbane and hire one. It is always recommended to hire an architect because they can offer you solutions and creative ideas that might not be obvious to others.

Getting the Building Approvalsbuilders north Brisbane

Another important part to consider for home additions are the approvals from the local council. It is also essential that you check with the council even before planning to see whether there are any rules and regulation in place that restricts any development.

Depending on these rules you might need either a Development Application or a Construction Certificate. To get both of these, you would need to submit a set of documents as required by the council that would include a set of drawings by the architect, evaluation by external agencies.

The process of approvals varies from council to council and region to region. The processing time also ranges from 30 to 100 days. The lack of any documents could delay the process further.

Building Contractshouse builders Brisbane

Before you officially hire anyone, it is essential to sign a contract with them. It protects you by law and the interests of all the parties. With the contracts itself, there are a few sorts.

Standard Contractbuild home Brisbane

Standard contract kit is available to buy from organisations like the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and the Master Builders Association (MBA). These contracts are best for small scale project that usually has fewer individual requirements. Avoid this for more extensive scale, expensive and complicated construction works.

Fixed or Lump Sum Contractscustom home builders Brisbane

This is the most commonly used type of contracts. This will have the final cost of the project as agreed by both the parties upfront in the agreement. There would also be provisions for variations and contingency.

Cost plus Contractsrenovation builders Brisbane

Cost Plus contracts do not put any limit of the budget, and the builder will include the profit margin above the cost of materials. For this kind of contract, you have to be prepared to have flexibility about the budget and construction unless specified otherwise.

Preparing the Budget for Home Additionscommercial cuilders Brisbane

Costing of the budget is measured by a lot of factors. It not only includes the design considerations but also the existing condition of the home.

  • You can get an approximate value by
  • Calculating the additional area that will be added to the house.
  • Finding the average construction cost per square meter for home addition works
  • Multiply the price per square meter to the area, and you will have an approximate cost to expect.
  • Add the usual amount for labour custom council approvals, extra material charges if you have any specific materials in mind.
  • Add a contingency plan of 25 to 25% extra to the budget to give you some extra room.

Before hiring an builders Brisbane, you need to know for yourself, how much you can afford to spend on the home addition. It is only based on these that the architect can work out the requirements and the extent of the addition.

Calculating Building Costs commercial construction companies Brisbane

For a major job like home addition, here are a few more ways to break down the costs.

  • 50% of total costs for materials
  • 35% for building approvals
  • 15% for labour costs

In addition to this, if you are hiring an architect or designer, their fees would also include, If you are hiring a finanace broker to get a mortgage loan, count that too in.

Calculating the costing by yourself will only give you an approximate amount. You would need a cost estimation from the builder or a third party to provide an accurate amount. It would be wise to request quotes from more than one builder to see which costs offer the best value. Furthermore, you can hire a costing specialist to check on the quotes and advise you on how to proceed.

While Hiring a Builderhome renovations Brisbane

After sending out the tender, you will receive the cost estimates from builders. But don’t hire house builders Brisbane offers, just based on their costs.

  • Take a look into the following things while you hire a builder for a home addition.
  • Whether the builder has the required certifications and licenses
  • Do the builder hold valid insurance for the type of construction
  • Does the builder have prior experience in home additions
  • How the costing has been done
  • What is the proposed completion date of construction
  • Check for previous client testimonials and references

It is only after checking each point carefully that the builder should be given the job. You can even weight in your own personal preferences while forming your team. Home additions might be done while the family is still residing in the house. This means that the builder you hire has to be trustworthy too.

You can start making a plan for home additions by talking to TrustCo about the best building designers, and the best builders Brisbane has who can offer their services for you.

Every construction comes with its own set of requirements. It would take specialised professionals to undertake jobs that cater to their specific fields. For taking as massive as building your house, you do want to pick the right commercial builders.

A home addition or extension might be even more complicated than a new build. Though both fall under the category of renovation, it is still a tough question on which way to go especially when you are not sure of the difference.

Difference between Home Addition and Extension

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Home addition in builders terms means that you are enlarging an existing room. A home extension, on the other hand, means the addition of another room. Either way, both of these approaches will require knowing down a few walls and adding some extra space.

It would depend on the size of the extension and the methods to see if the renovations might disrupt the inhabitants of the house. If there is a way to seal off an area, while the other essential usable spaces are unaffected, then both the options offer the residents not to require having to stay elsewhere.

Additions and extensions usually mean that you are adding a space that is not already in the footprint of the house. So in most scenarios, it would involve working with the exterior part without disturbing the rest of the building.  

Another approach is to add another floor to the house. Now, this would inevitably mean that a part of the roof would be affected unless the stairs come as a part of the addition. Ensure that the roof is covered at all times so it will not damage the interior particularly if the family is staying there.

Custom house builders Brisbane has, always try to make the construction process as smooth as possible, without disrupting the family. But if there is a member who is allergic to dust from debris, even with the sealing off, it might be better for a temporary relocation.

Choosing the Builder for Home Addition and Extension

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Not every builder is equipped to deal with the requirements of home additions and extensions. It is complicated than a new build and would require more expertise. Look for the following things in the local builders Brisbane while choosing for this particular work.

  • Licensed Builder – Hire only builders who can show a valid license for the course of conduction. It proves that they are competent and has insurance in case any mishaps or accidents happen.
  • Renovation builders Brisbane–   Home renovation builders Brisbane you hire have to be specialised in home additions and extensions. They will have knowledge and experience about how to tackle problems in such constructions by reducing the maximum impact. They will also get the work done as quickly as possible.
  • Builders Warranty Insurance – It is essential that the builder is ready to take out the warranty insurance and offer you the certificate. Check whether the insurance covers construction, materials and workmanship.
  • Check the track Record – Before hiring any builder, talk to their previous clients and find out how the builders work still stands. Even with the portfolio of the builder, it would be wise to get direct testimonials of earlier clients; a trustworthy home builder will not hesitate to give you references.
  • Compatibility with the Builder – How you can work around the builder is a crucial factor. You will need the help of the builder to get the approvals and permissions from the council. If you are hiring an architect or designer to plan for the addition, make sure that all members of the team can work well with each other and communicate effectively.

Costs of Home Extensions

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The cost would be the deciding factor for many builds. It is essential to have a budget and plan the construction around it. Here is a rough calculation based on the current market to give you an idea.

  • Approximately $1350 per square meter for single storey extensions
  • Approximately $2100 per square meter for double storey extensions
  • Between $1500 and $2500 per square meter for loft and space conversions.

The costing would depend entirely on the requirements. You can even convert spaces that you use less like the basement, cellar or the garage. A garage conversion might cost lesser than the basement or cellar due to the difficulty in access and the process.

Another point to acknowledge is that the less used spaces like these would require services by the electrician or a plumber, making the conversions more expensive.

Whether to Extend Home or Move

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There might be many reasons that you choose for a home extension. To start, you are happy with the location and amenities and the existing house. There might only be very minimal changes required for you to upgrade the home. It might be difficult to uproot to another place and start over. If you have been consistent with the mortgage payments, it would also be easy to find another loan for a home extension.

If you think the move would be better for your family, compare the cost of both. A complete move would be expensive than a home extension. There might be many approaches to renovating your house for your needs that might not be obvious to you. That is why it is relevant to know your options before making a decision. For this, you have to consult with an architect or builder.

Something as simple as garage conversion or extending to the yard could provide possible solutions for your current problems. The most important thing is to find the right builder for any construction. An inexperienced builder might not even be capable of resolving the unforeseen issue that comes with renovations.

Builders Brisbane can help you through the council process, and give advice on lending money. Many extensions could be done in stages too. More than the creative knowledge e of the designer, it would be the practical knowledge of the builder that would come to your aid for a home extension.

Contact Trustco and we can help you to find an expert among builders Brisbane to consult for a home extension.

After considering the many approaches to own a house, you have decided on buying an older property and investing in it to upgrade. Working on an old building gives you more than one choice. You can either choose a knock down rebuild Brisbane can offer or consult with renovation builders Brisbane for a remodel.  

So how do you arrive at this crucial decision, that could need a lot of thinking pt into it? We have some points for you to ponder on here. to decide whether renovation or demolition; which is the best option for you?

Costwise Consideration of Demolitions vs Renovationbuilder Brisbane

One of the deciding factor, or even the most important deciding factor for many, is the cost concern. It often depends on the existing condition of the house. If the building is in a dire state, then demolishing and rebuilding might actually work out cheaper than trying to repair its defects with remodelling.

In a few cases, the damage would be in the structural component, and it would be difficult even to source the problem correctly. Renovating an old house to bring it to the standard of electrical wiring, plumbing, and other energy efficient methods would require structural remodelling. It would be the most impractical approach in many terms including expense, time and the mere intensive work that is required. It is also possible that the more you dig in, there would be more complications awaiting you.

If you seek out the particular property for its architectural features, it would be a wise decision to ensure that with a few cosmetic remodelling it could be brought to the standards of new home design. If the property is fairly new, it would depend on how much alterations you would prefer in the house. Renovations limiting to the interior, might not require drastic changes in the structure of the building. Often a change in flooring and insulation, with an upgraded electrical system could tidy up the house.

If you are hoping for a radical change, then demolishing would be the right way to go unless you are not concerned about breaking the budget.

Check for Restrictions by the Local Councilhouse builders Brisbane

When people are looking to buy an older property, they often tend to overlook what the rules they should adhere to, until they actually purchase it. The first thing to check is whether the building falls under any particular category. If it is listed as a heritage building, then it is likely to be protected by a law restricting many changes.

It does not necessarily have to be the building itself. Even if the street has a heritage tag called a “heritage overlay,” then you would be required to keep the facade the other architectural elements and would be allowed to work only on the interior, that does not affect the character of the house.

If you are trying to make renovations, you have to make sure that it works in line with the council regulations, or else the house might not be upgraded enough to suffice your needs. Even a minute change as repainting or compound wall could work against the standards and put you in an unpleasant situation.

Updated Setbackshouse builders Brisbane

While you take up new construction, you are expected to build after leaving a specific setback from the boundary walls. Now, over the years these regulations would have changed. So if you demolish the existing building in the plot, it does not necessarily mean that you can build in the same footprint. It might be less, meaning the area you will be able to build would be significantly less. There might also be updated regulations on the height of the building and other features.

One possible way to work around this is by retaining the facade and a few structural elements and working within the existing footprint of the building. It would still involve a large scale renovation and might even cost more than a demolishing and rebuilding. This also needs a consultation with the architect and Brisbane builder to see how it could be worked out and imminently permission from the local council.

Deciding What to Demolish and What to Keephome renovations Brisbane

One of the ways to work with an old building is to work with it. Obviously, there might be certain features that add to the charm of the house. If the house is structurally sound, consider it a boon to make improvements in the existing home.

Beings structurally sound might not always mean you can make alterations too. A load bearing structure would make it difficult to knock down a wall or change the plan. If not, architects and custom house builders Brisbane can work their magic to make it a modern house with the latest features.

There might be a few necessary changes required like substituting windows with double glazed larger openings that allow more natural light in. Further effort has to be taken to improve the insulation and energy efficiency of the building. Older buildings often have high ceilings, making for a spacious feel even in small rooms.

Bathrooms and kitchen are the most important spaces that would require a major redesign. It would require changes from the floor and wall tiles to countertops and appliances. Rendering or painting over the existing bricks is another way to retain the charm and make it work with modern trends.

Also Consider

One thing people tend to neglect while building is where you will live while the construction is going on, and how much extra expense it would be. If you are looking to renovate and not demolish, then consider if it could be done in stages. Not always possible with every building, but it might allow you to stay in the house while another floor or space could be worked on. It would help you save money considerably by avoiding to spend on alternative accommodation.

It all comes down to how the building can survive a renovation and whether it is the best solution within your budget. It is a question that needs answers from the architect, builder, local council and the homeowner itself.

Confused about where to start? Talk to Trustco and start assembling your team of expert builders and designers.

There are many reasons why people chose renovation builder in Brisbane. One is the obvious reason that you need a few changes, to live more comfortably. The next would be if you are planning to sell or rent out the property, you feel that renovating it would add more value to the house. Are you aware of the latest trends in how to renovate your house for the demographic and if not then this article is perfect for your concern.

If the latter is the case, then you need to think about a lot more than how much the renovation would cost. Ultimately, if the house does not gel along with the demography, even if it is the most modern set up, you will be out looking for buyers for a long time. You can get in touch with TrustCo to find the best in Brisbane.

Should you Renovate at all?

How To Renovate Your House For The Demographic

House renovations depend on a variety of things. First, you have to check the condition of the house. If it is in poor condition, depending on what kind of buyer you seek, you might have to do the necessary repairs. Most people who buy a house with an intention to live there do not want to spend much on reparations. Buying light fixtures is one thing, but having repair the wallpaper or even a whole wall is something unwanted.

4 Proven Ways to Renovate Your House For The Demographic

Nonetheless, building companies Brisbane says that there are buyers who are looking to tear down a house and rebuild. But in this case, the value of the property might be very less if the market is not optimistic.

If the house is in good condition, then you have to weigh it against the market value and see whether it is worth to spend on it. Finding the right finance brokers can literally save you tens of thousands. 

You need to know whether you are actually bringing more value to the home or just wasting your money on an unwanted expense. Take a look at what all could affect this decision.

1. Get to Know your Market

Builders Brisbane

The foremost thing to do is a primary study of your market. You might have even lived there for a while, but you haven’t looked at the community from a sellers perspective.

Therefore before jumping to hiring a builder and designer for renovations or home improvement, research on your surroundings and the demographic. Take into factor who lives there, the age group of the people and whether they are young professionals or families.

If it is a family area, approach the house renovations keeping children in mind. You might want to focus more on common spaces, the yard, and the kitchen. Make sure that you present the home highlighting the aspects the buyer might be looking for and what makes the community unique. With a vetting standard that satisfies only the pickiest, renovation builder Brisbane ensure that your expectations will be met, if not exceeded.

2. Adapt to the Community

Custom Home Builders Brisbane

Every community is refined in its own way with unique distinctions. And so are the people who live there, Just because one or two houses in the area has a swimming pool, there is no need for you to have it. But what you could do, is leave room for it.

For example, you could leave one of the rooms vacant that could be put to multiuse. This way, a family could turn it into an extra bedroom or a nursery. On the other hand, a young professional might prefer that room to be a working space where they can work from home.

It is essential that the renovation is approached with this flexibility in mind. So even if the buyer is looking to invest and not to live, the property would be more attractive to them. Choose the right builders Brisbane for your home.


3. Devising the Floor Plan

Renovation Builder Brisbane

The floor plan in Brisbane is being given more importance than ever. There are no longer standard plans that every house just replicates. That is what that affects any buyer’s decision while considering a proposal to buy a property.  

There has always been a high demand for seamless plans with plenty of natural light. Open floor plans are more in favor now since it engages more interaction in shared spaces. It is wise to design the house in a way that most of the windows faces north or northeast to get the maximum light in.

Following the current trends but still staying in a neutral zone would be the best option if you are selling. For instance, instead of investing in the interior elements, you can focus more on the plan itself. If you thought before that a room would be better without that wall in the middle, it might be.

Also, make your house look presentable for the open houses. Use the best of the natural light by adding flowy curtains, make the kitchen look vibrant with a few utensils, sell the idea of the home people would want to live, rather than a vacant house. Our house and land packages Brisbane got you covered from $50K renovations to $5M projects.

4. Spend on the Necessities

House And Land Packages Brisbane

To find out what needs the most attention, make a list of everything defective in the house. Irrespective of the demographic, you need to attend to these details to make the house presentable. Choosing the right building designers is important as it can make or break your project.

Renovating before selling is not always a good idea. If the market is more stagnant and hasn’t seen growth in the past few years, there is no point in spending if your market is not growing anytime soon. We are hoping that these latest trends on how to renovate your house for the demographic will help you with your confusions.

The most important selling points are always the kitchen and bathrooms. If you have any outdoor area, that should also be highlighted. To make these spaces look pleasing and welcoming, you don’t have to spend a fortune it.

Often, a thorough cleaning and a fresh coat of paint will do the job. Buyers usually love a personal touch to spaces. Ensure that the floors are devoid of any stains, that the wooden floors are polished and shiny. Fix any broken light fixture and the HVAC system. Luxury home builders Brisbane gets you 3 competitive quotes from the most trusted builders.

Also never neglect the exterior of your house design; that is what creates the first impression.

A well-maintained home always performs better on the market, compared to a neglected one. Often the warm feeling of the residents and the energy in the house would make all the difference to a buyer. Contact us at one of our friendly team members will get back to you within 48 hours.

If you are trying to make a deal during the seller’s market, you are more probable to get away with fewer fixups. But either way, study the community well and cater to the needs of it. Blindly renovating according to what you think might not beautiful or the best solution for selling.Always, listen to your real estate agent or the building broker, even before renovating. 


Are you already planning to make a few changes in your house? Maybe the current home design does not sufficiently meet your needs, or you have simply outgrown it. And you want a house right there, without having to give up the community you love.

You have two different options here. You could either knock down the whole thing and rebuild or just renovate your existing house.

But it is a difficult decision to make. Your budget is not the only thing that could make this decision for you. It would also depend on how you think, what you consider important and the limits you encounter during construction.

So in the question fo which is better, let us take the various possible situations and factors that might encourage you to go either way.

1. Bringing the Home to Current Standards

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In most cases, it is indeed possible for home renovations in Brisbane with all the modern facilities. That is why many cities still have kept their old buildings intact, while the interiors are changed entirely.

If it is an individual structure, then today it is even possible to raise the ceiling height. However, what would make you reconsider knock down rebuild is when the final estimate of the renovation exceeds the budget. You might think, at this cost, you can build a new house from scratch. It depends on how much you want to alter your current home or whether you be rather willing to move to a new one, and ultimately, your budget.

2. The Plot Size and Foundation Strength

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If you are looking to expand the existing house or build a bigger house, the first thing you have to consider is whether the plot can accommodate a bigger home.

If you are expanding your house or adding another floor, you need to make sure that the foundation can withstand the load of it. If the building is old, you might not have foreseen such a requirement, and the foundation might not be able to support one more floor. Though there are ways now to add a level that supports itself, it might not be plausible in all cases.

In such cases, the only way is to knock down and build a new house, that could fit your needs.

3. The Project Time

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Many choose house renovations over rebuilding because renovating could be done in different stages, while you can still reside in the house. It could be done part by part or even floor by floor. This way, you can also control the cost by staggering it and you don’t have to have all the money at once.

4. The Character and Condition  of the House

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It is always the case that you already love how your house is. It has a character that has developed over the years by its inhabitants. Few find it difficult to let go of this charm and choose for renovation. If you don’t need any alterations and the condition of the house is solid, then you can easily bring in any feature you want in an old house.

5. Unexpected obstacles

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One reason many people do not go for renovation is the unforeseen things that come along the way. Renovations, almost in no case goes exactly as planned. Neither does building a new house. But it is much better to prepare for things while a new construction rather than even to know what to expect while renovating.

This means that you need a solid contingency plan for renovations. Building a new house usually, needs one for at least 10 or 15 per cent. Whereas for a renovation, you are safe with a 20 per cent contingency. If you don’t have to use it, then better, but it’s best to be on the safer side.

6. The Building Code Does not Allow Much Improvement

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The regulations in your area might have changed since the time you built the house. Or it simply does not allow for any more expansions that you would require sufficiently. The decision about this could be taken only after factoring in what kind of standards are there and if there are ways to work around them.

Not every square feet and portions in the floor plan get added up to the footprint of the house. But if there is no way around it, then your only option may be to build a new house adhering to the building codes.

On the other hand, in many areas, there are even bans on tearing down and rebuilding. So it could go either way depending on these external factors.

7. The Cost of Insurance

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The Insurance of a new house is less compared to an old house. Like touched upon before, the new building codes might have altered the requirements, and you might need insurances based on that. This could, in turn, be a considerable sum over the years.

8. Adding value to the House

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If you study the market, the new homes have much more value than an old house, even if it is completely refurbished. But it might again depend on the buyer and how you market the house design.

The other deciding factor would be how much mortgage can you get for either. A refurbishment might not be able to get you the amount you seek while compared to building a new one.

This is a tough decision to make that requires a discussion with your broker and real estate agent.

9. Choose Better or Cheaper

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The final decision all comes down to the cost. You might be able to design home renovations for a cheaper rate, but for the long term, you have to consider which one brings you more value, in terms of cost and standard of living.

The most important thing for both the options is to find the right team for that. With the right architect and builder in brisbane, you might be able to solve problems you thought impossible and in cost-effective ways. There is a need to knock down rebuild only if it is absolutely necessary and the best team could make all the difference in choosing the right way to proceed.

Take your pick from home builders Brisbane by contacting TrustCo to proceed.

If you thought that building a new home is too much trouble than just renovating it, let us tell you something. You almost got it wrong there. Renovations are even more bewildering than constructing from scratch.

You are often met with surprises, and they usually aren’t the kind of surprises you’d hope for. In the end, even the best renovation builder Brisbane has to offer may end up blowing your renovation budget.

To avoid falling under the trap of spending more than you bargained for, a little preparation could help you avoid breaking the bank to get your desired home improvements done.

What we have below are the common mistakes everyone does while doing remodelling or extension. Foresee such situations and come up with measures to deal with it so you can take half the pressure of your shoulders.

1. Not Defining the Scope

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Unlike a new building, it might be slightly tricky to draw clear renovation boundaries. But this is precisely what that leads to the extra costs that you may not have accounted for. Knowing where to start and where to stop are the first things you need to establish.

It is not only you who should be aware of the existing condition, but the entire team including the architect and the builder should also be thorough with how to go about the project. It is quite common to lose sight of what you intended to do and end up doing something else as the project evolves.

2. Not being Aware of the Costs

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One thing builders Brisbane often come across are clients who blame the builders for the excessive costs without being aware of the breakdown of it.

Especially for tasks like demolition, most of us are not aware of what a realistic expectation of cost would be. Fact of the matter is, demolitions aren’t as easy as breaking things down with a hammer. An effective demolition is performed in a way that does not affect the rest of the building, structurally or aesthetically. If not, it could lead to further complications down the line.

Another aspect often missed is calculating the transportation expenses of materials. Getting materials from a distant place even if it is cheap might be balanced with the amount you have to pay extra for moving. Also, it won’t make sense to engage builders North Brisbane as it will just add to the cost of your home renovations when the builders quote hides the charge for travel expenses.

3. Not Considering the Knock-on Effect

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Every decision you make while renovating will lead to a chain reaction. This knock-on effect is what leaks out your money the most. If you want to tear down a wall, then you have to consider whether it affects the building structurally or not, see how you can patch up the gaps in the wall and the floor, then you might have to redo the flooring, and it just goes on and on.

4. Not accounting Electrical layouts

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Electrical work is often something that becomes most affected while you are renovating. The electrical wiring usually passes through the walls and knocking them down are going to result in redoing the whole thing. That might be just when you realise that the wiring is not according to the current standards, so you have to change the entire thing.

Another reason for the expansion in the electrical budget is not reading the specifications correctly. Custom home builders Brisbane mostly quote for one power point in the room. While in reality, your needs might require two or three and of different power specifications. So remember to make it a point to include the exact requirements in the specifications and communicate it with the builder.

5. Not making Practical Allowances

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Choosing the right builder often depends on how much he quotes the work for. However, when you do that, you should be aware of what exactly has gone into the quoting. For instance, the item you want costs you $500 and the builder has kept an allowance for $300 for that particular one, and you will end up paying $200. Even though both come out of your pocket, you are anyway paying the builder for home renovations Brisbane around 20% margin.

You have to look upon the realistic allowances for each item. Specifications might seem a bit complicated to understand, so you have to take effort and go to the showrooms yourself to see what exactly you are paying for.

6. Not considering the Site

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Any site alterations like the retaining walls, fencing or even exterior finishing are not always included in the quotation unless specifically asked for. By the time you realise that it’s not just the floor plans you need to worry about but also the surroundings, it might be too late to negotiate with the builder for it. In the end, it will be an additional cost to you to spend on the site later. You might even have to hire a new team to do that alone.

Most people also consider energy efficient features while renovating, primarily because the new set of building codes have changed. Make sure such specific requirements are discussed with the builder prior to receiving a quote from them.

7. Not preparing for Surprises

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Surprises are not pleasant ones while you are renovating. A surprise could only mean more money and time – the only way to prepare for this to have a contingency readily available. Usually, for any construction project, a good contingency is around 15 to 20 percentage. But if you are looking at renovations, that too of an old building, then you might have to have a contingency of even 30 per cent. It is ok if you don’t require it in the end, but it is always best to have it as a safety net.

With construction, you should always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Taking advice from experienced architect and builder will definitely do you good. If you are unsure about where to find an expert team for your project, contact TrustCo. We can provide all you need to work effectively with the team to see your dream unfold in front of you.