In our profession, we have had many people consult us regarding the different aspects of building a house. Regardless of whether the homeowners are young or middle-aged, whether they are building their first house or fifth, the one common thing that everyone has to ask is how to save money while building your home.

With the many hopes and ideas, it is easy to lose track of how much you are spending in the process. So if you have been nightmares of handling the capital flow, take a deep breath and note down all our expert tips on how to save money while building your dream home.


1. Set Your Priorities

Before even looking into the architect and Brisbane builders have a clear idea of what you want in your home. It’s important that you sit down with your family and discuss what each member in your family needs in the house. Set a limit on the budget and the most necessary elements and the thing you are ready to let go off. Start with clear expectations to ensure that the cost does not skyrocket during the construction.


2. Do your Homework

Whether you are looking for luxury home builders Brisbane or townhouse builders Brisbane, you need to know what you are getting into. Even with a dozen people to help you along the way, you need to have knowledge of the basics and how things work. Take a look at different model homes, discuss with previous clients of your builder and look into ways where you can save money even before starting.


3. Try Selling without a Realtor

If you are selling your house to build a new one, then you are most likely to have to dispose of your old house. The traditional way of doing this is to hire a realtor. However, you can also try For Sale By Owner. This eliminates the realtor commission you have to pay to the agent.

If you choose FSBO, it might take a little longer than doing it with a realtor. So if you have the time and know how to sell your house to prospective buyers, you can surely try your luck being the realtor yourself.


4. Plan the Contingency

Having to look for a second mortgage is the last thing you want to do. Even with the reassurance of architect and builder, for your own sake, look into ways to have a backup plan in case your Plan A does not work out. If you were hoping to flip the house, you might not be able to do it in the time you hoped for, or your finances simply did not come through. You need to do this as early as possible and even before hiring any teams to start working on house designs.


5. Hire An Architect

It might look like an additional expense at first, but in the long run you will realize that you have not only saved money but also have saved time along the way. An Architect can coordinate the team, run the project and make sure that everything comes together in the end. An architect can also offer you unique solutions based on your site layout and your needs rather than you having to spend money on the site making it suitable for your house plans.


6. Shop For the Right Builder

Choosing the builder of your house is one of the most contributing decisions that will decide how your house turns out. An excellent builder can help you save money and build you a sound home within the budget. On the other hand, an untrained builder can also be the sole reason that you are losing money while building.

It is also significant that you choose a builder who has experience working with the specific type of house you are seeking to build. A builder focused on beach house designs might not be able to offer the same expertise on small house plans. A bad builder might also create more problems by not communicating effectively with the other subcontractors and the architect.

Also, make sure that you are hiring a licensed builder and they are covered with proper insurance before you sign any agreement with them.


7. Hire a Mortgage Broker

Shopping around for home loans is one of the most stressful parts of the building. You will need to consult with many lenders, lock in the right interest rates and also find ways to bring down the down payment. It is not easy to do all of this alone, especially if you are facing a time constraint. The best solution to this is to hire a mortgage broker.

Not many people know that oftentimes the broker is paid by the lender itself. So you would not be spending any extra money on their expertise. A mortgage broker can negotiate deals with lenders and get you the best deal.


8. Buy Wholesale Instead of Retail

Shopping around for home fixtures and interior elements is one of the costliest parts of the construction. There are many shops that sell retail products at the price of wholesale. You simply have to invest some time to find them out. Such services are also available online. With these enterprises, you would be able to get huge discounts.


9. Look Out for Sales

Alternatively, you should also keep an eye out for sales and discounts on home furnishings. From lightings to bathroom fixtures, you can find many products online and in local shops on sale. For online websites, there will also be promotional codes that you can use to get a discounted price.


10. Know Your Perks

First-time homebuyers and owners are often given grants and other perks by the local governing bodies. This would vary depending on the region you are living and other financial aspects. While doing your research, make sure that you do not miss out on any financial aid.

Apart from all this, you can also try taking up many DIY projects. It is not only a way to save money but is also a fun way to be a part of building your house.

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While prospective homebuyers spend years and months trying to find the perfect floor plans and home designs for their dream house, many of them fail to spend enough time to shop for a mortgage. It might not seem like a worthy matter to spend many days on, but it is, in fact, one of the key elements that could determine your financial future.

Even a small mistake while shopping for home loans could cost you thousands of dollars. One common mistake among home buyers is that they apply for home loans only from a single lender. This limits your options of finding out whether better deals are out there. Interest rates and fees could vary drastically from one lender to another. A minute difference could make for a substantial difference when you take into account the entire course of the loan.

Just like you look around for the right designers and new home builders Brisbane has, you also need to consider more than one option for mortgages too. You are betting your entire investment on the house by taking out a mortgage. So whether you are depending entirely on the mortgage broker, or choosing to secure a loan yourself, familiarise yourself with the key factors listed below.


1. Your Credit Score

The first thing that lenders analyse while considering you as a prospective client is your credit score. Your credit score is what that determines the loan amount, the interest rate and whether you can borrow any money at all. Those with higher credit scores have better chances for a lower interest rate. Even a small percentage in the interest rate could make a lot of difference while you sum up the whole amount.

There are many websites online that one can use to find out the credit score. Try to find out your credit score before you start applying for loans. If you have a low rate, knowing it beforehand will help you address the issues that might be pulling your score down.


2. The Mortgage Terms

Shopping for mortgage loans seems complex mostly because there are several types of mortgage plans. To start with there are fixed-rate, adjustable-rate and hybrid plans for loans. Choosing the right mortgage plan for you will depend on how long you are likely to own the property and how much you can afford to pay as monthly instalments.

The most common loan durations available are for 30 years and 15 year periods. In this itself, adjustable rate loans tend to have lesser interest rates compared to fixed and hybrid plans. Adjustable-rate allows for lower interest rates for a certain period, but after the first interval is over depending on the market fluctuations. Thus this seems to be suitable for those looking to own the property for a shorter time.

If you are likely to own for a longer duration, you can go for fixed rates for either 30 years or 15-year loan duration. The longer the duration, the lesser the interest rate would be. Though the interest rate is higher for the 30 years, since the 15-year option requires you to pay off the amount quicker, even with the low interest rates, you will end up paying more monthly.


3. Watch Out For Point Systems

Many lenders present the option of points while closing a loan. Points are fees that you pau upfront that is calculated as the percentage of your capital loan amount. If you are willing to pay higher fees, then there might be a small concession in calculating your interest rate. If you are taking the loan for a longer duration, then lowering the interest rate this way might be feasible.

However, not every lender offer this. So if you are comparing deals from different lenders, opt for a no-point system to get a fair understanding or ask for a rate with the same points.


4. Beware of Fees

Another aspect that might make the biggest difference between the mortgage deals are the fees that the lenders charge. This might vary tremendously from one lender to another. All lenders are required to provide an estimate of their final fees and other charges when you start with the loan process. These fees and other charges alone could add up to thousands of dollars. When you compare the estimates, make it a point to compare the fees also. You can also negotiate this part of the loan with the lenders. Do a thorough study of the fees and charges before you sign the agreement.


5. When You Shop

Shopping for a loan might sound like a very complicated process. There are two ways to approach this, one is by doing it yourself by reaching out to the lenders or by hiring a mortgage broker to do all the legwork for you.

If you are doing it by yourself, then there are several websites that you can use to compare the rates. It is also necessary that you follow the different market rates and keep track of them.

If you opt to work with a broker, they will be doing most of the tiresome work. Not only will they approach the lenders for you, but they can also take care of the necessary documents, The most attractive aspect of having a broker is that they can negotiate deals with the lender for you. Even with a bad credit score, brokers could get you a deal that might work well with your interests.

Remember to talk with more than one lender when you shop for home loans. It is similar to comparing the different home builders Brisbane prices and quotes before you choose one. While deciding for a mortgage also, you have all rights to keep your options open when you are investing in a Brisbane building.

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You might think that finalising your home designs, hiring the architect or managing the stress of the actual construction of your house is the most demanding part of building a house, then you are wrong. Unless you are one of the lucky people who never have to worry about money, there is one strenuous hurdle that you have to cross to even start building or thinking about hiring new home builders Brisbane has.

The part of securing a home loan, that ticks off all your checkboxes of affordability itself is a mountainous task. As simple as it might sound, it is daunting to even think about the steps involved in it. This is probably the most stressful part of building or buying a property, where you have to make sure that you are getting a good deal and one that does not come with any hidden agendas.

We understand that the mere thought of approaching a bank might seem intimidating for many. To prepare yourself, here are a few things you can note down.


Bank or a Broker?

Majority of buyers tend to get their mortgage directly from the bank or the lender. It is convenient to approach a bank where you already have an account to proceed with the mortgage. But that isn’t your only option. Not only that, by doing this you might be missing out on better deals too.

Looking around for mortgage loans from more than one bank could give you a better idea of what you can get. If you do not have time to do this personally, it is best to hire the professional, the mortgage broker. Many people avoid hiring a broker thinking about their fees. What most of you do not know is that many brokers get paid by the lender and not by the buyer. So you are neglecting services that you might be getting free of cost. Even with a fee, you might be better off with a broker by your side especially if it is your first time dealing with mortgages.

Brokers are experienced to work directly with the lenders to negotiate deals that could work out the best for you. They will study your file, your credit score, income, savings, financial standing and helo you find an offer that is specifically tailored to your needs.


Type of Payments

There are two main types of loans, fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages called ARMs. Majority of people are aware of only these two options, Fixed-rate mortgages, as it sounds, offers the buyers a fixed interest rate over the entire duration of the mortgage. Adjustable-rate, on the other hand, has a fixed rate for an initial period and then adjusts at regular intervals to reflect the current market rates. This means that the payment could be high or low, as it will fluctuate.

If you are staying in your Brisbane building for more than a decade and prefer predictable payments, then it is best to go for a fixed-rate mortgage. Your interest rate will remain stable irrespective of the market conditions.

When it comes to ARMS, the initial interest rate set itself is at least 1% less than that of fixed-rate, which might make a significant difference in the long run. Even with the wavering in the market rates, depending on your intervals, the change might affect you only after 5 or 10 years; by then you will be able to save substantially. If you are hoping to move or sell the property within the first decade this seems to be the better choice.


Monthly Payments

Mortgage lenders have different loan periods. Often it is mostly either 15 or 30 years. A 15-year loan might have a lower interest rate but will have higher monthly payments. For a 30-year loan, with lower monthly instalments, you will have to pay more interest as it is for double the duration. Deciding which is the right one for you will depend entirely on your affordability and financial circumstances. Discuss the scope with your mortgage broker to know how to proceed.


Will Your Financial Situation Change?

You cannot always predict how your life might change, but if you are expecting some significant changes in your financial situation you need to consider that also before determining which loan to take. If you are expecting an increase in income, then you can opt for an ARM, adjusting the payment periods accordingly to pay more later, if you are expecting a lump sum amount also, you can pay off the principal amount later. If you are worried that your income will decrease then it is best to have a fixed-rate loan.


Lock in Your Rate or Not?

A lock-in allows you to secure a specific interest rate for a specific time before finalising your loan. This protects you from having to pay a high interest rate if the market fluctuates. Another feature to know about is a float-down, that offers you the flexibility to go for a lower rate according to the market even with a lock set on the interest.

Both of these features require the buyer to pay a fee, but if you expect the market to be wavering and how particular you are about the interest, it might be worth to pay the extra fees.


Is it possible to Negotiate?

Negotiation might not always be possible with all lenders. The chances are less concerning the interest rates and terms of the loan unless you are approaching through a mortgage broker. But there are other areas such as an itemized list of expenses, including hidden fees like mail fee when you are opting for electronic communication and such, These are small fees that you might miss in the contract but might add up to a considerable sum during the full course of the loan. Through negotiation, you might also be able to get the lender waive the application fees or closing costs.

This is one of the areas where a mortgage broker can be of the most help. Their relationships with the lenders could get you better offers than you approaching them individually.

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If you are in the market to buy a new property or a house, you are likely in need to borrow a sum to fund it. Finding out whether you can source a mortgage or not is a defining moment in most of our lives. While negotiating for a mortgage in the first place itself is daunting for many, having to renegotiate for one is absolutely a nightmare.

However, if you tread carefully, there are a few ways that you can use to secure the mortgage with an interest rate that works for you the first time itself. So while you think about the beautiful home designs, here are a few tips to ensure that you get accepted for a home loan.


1. Get a Head Start

Starting as early as possible to shop for your mortgage might work out in your best interest. Start at least four to six months prior to the renewal or the time you are hoping to get the mortgage, This offers a longer period of time to see whether the rates go high or down.

If you can get the lender to hold the rate for a period of time, if the rates go down, they will honour the lower rates for you even if the interest goes up.


2. Save For the Biggest Deposit

Lenders usually provide lowest interest rates for those with large deposit amounts. The top deals in the market are offered to buyers who can put down an initial deposit between 35% to 40% of the properties estimated value. Consequently, those who put down only 10% will have to pay higher interest rates.

In conclusion, try your best to save up as much as you can for the down payment. It will get you the best interest rates.


3. Do your Homework

Even if you are hiring a mortgage broker, it will work well for you if you are aware of at least the basic aspects that determine your mortgage amounts. Start by checking the types of lenders and what rates each of them offers. Today, all this information is available online and anyone can quickly find out the market rates out there in Brisbane.

This will put you in a better position to negotiate with the lender.


4. Find out Your Credit Score

The homework part does not confine to finding out about the lenders alone. The buyer should also be aware of their own financial situation. To avail the best mortgage deals, you should have a good credit score. Though it is indeed possible to get a mortgage by having a bad score, it certainly influences the interest rate.

You can find out your own credit score using several online tools. This will give you a better understanding of what you can expect and thus help to avoid any unpleasant surprises or inaccuracies.


5. Close Unused Accounts and Debts

While looking at the credit score, lenders will factor in the amount of credit available to you and also the amount you owe to others. If possible, try to clear as much of your debt you can before applying for a loan. Also, close any accounts that you no longer use. All these are aspects that worry the lenders on your ability to repay the mortgage.


6. Avoid Unusual Properties

The more challengers a property has, the more difficult it is to sell it. This is much similar to drafting house plans Brisbane in a very unusual property that is so far to reach or any other factors that might make it less desirable. This will make the lenders more cautious while determining interest rates. Difficult properties are best avoided if you are hoping for lower interest rates, residential properties situated above commercial enterprises such as cafes and bars, old buildings and houses built against the regulations, and with rare materials will all fall under this category.


7. Prepare All the Documents

No lender will take you as a customer if you do not provide all the necessary documents. They will not even take you seriously if you are not prepared with the up-to-date documents, including proof of your income and addresses.

You also need to make sure that the address in all official documents are up-to-date. The other documents required include bank statements and payslips. If you are self-employed you will need to provide the source and proof of your income. Self-employed people might be asked to provide more documents regarding their income compared to those with full-time jobs.

If you are eligible for any other support from the Government or receive any other income such as Child Benefit, you also need to provide the necessary proof of this.


8. Know What Kind of Mortgage You Want

There are different types of mortgages available in the market. Similar to the different options new house builders Brisbane will present you, lenders can also offer you different mortgage plans. There are choices of flexible interest rate and fixed interest rate or plans with interest starting low and that rises based on the market rate.

Consider your financial situation while choosing the mortgage payment, If you think the plan they offer does not suit you then it is best to approach someone else.


9. Hire a Mortgage Broker

It is possible to feel overwhelmed when looking at the many possibilities and things that could go wrong while looking for a mortgage, If you do not think you can handle it yourself, it is always recommended to hire a professional. Like a good licensed builder, a mortgage broker can also assist you from curating the necessary documents to completing the final transaction of the loan amount.

They will also help you choose the best plan and make deals with lenders to get you the best possible interest rates for your loan amounts.

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Not so long ago, the only option for homeowners was to turn to one of the prominent banks in the country to get a mortgage loan. But as things got tougher to get a loan approved, there are many new private lenders who are in the scene offering higher rates but better chances for Australians to fulfill their dream of a house.

In the current scenario, it is easy for someone to get caught up in the web of financial debt if they are not careful about from whom they are lending money. It is challenging to identify what is best for you when there are so many options and promises overwhelming you.

Mortgage brokers, thus play a very important role in connecting the lenders and home buyers. Whether you are taking money from a bank, private or alternative lender, you are better off with a mortgage broker by your side.

So if you have been finding yourself looking to hire one, here are 6 questions to ask them before signing up.


1. About Their License

All mortgage brokers should be licensed with the respective governing bodies to ensure that they meet the specific requirements. This includes education and experience to arrange a mortgage for any purchase.

In Australia, the mortgage building brokers are required to get licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). So before hiring a business broker Brisbane offers, make sure that you deal only with those who are licensed.


2. About Their Experience

Relevant experience is significant when it comes to the job descriptions of mortgage brokers. It is not about how many years they have worked in the field but about how many transactions they have completed successfully.

If a mortgage broker has closed at least five to ten transactions per year, then they could be considered to have solid experience in the field. So ask them about the number of transactions they have completed in the last two years. For part-time brokers, a lower transaction number could also be because of the fewer hours they put into the business.

If you are approaching a team or an individual, ask them about their communication style, their accessibility and promptness to get you a successful deal as well.


3. About The Type of Transactions They Accommodate

As homeowners, you should know what kinds of transactions you can receive and accommodate. You should ask the broker whether they can offer multiple levels of lending. This will make sure that they study your circumstances and offer the right deal that addresses your needs.

If the broker has a track record of working with people with both good and bad credit and has a network with banks, private and alternative lenders you can conclude that they know what they are doing. There are many brokers who work only with banks or private lenders, and they might not be the best option for you.


4. About Their Fee

Mortgage brokers are often paid by the lenders itself. There are also cases where the borrower has to pay the fee. This could range between 1 to 5 per cent or in regulation with the fees set by the governing body. Depending on whether you are borrowing from an alternative lender or a private lender also, the fees could vary.

Few brokers also charge a different or a flat rate than the standard practice. It is best to ask the broker to be upfront about all the fees before you sign an agreement with them.


5. About The Down Payment

Many buyers are not aware that different down payment options allow you to put down less than the standard 20 per cent. Considering the cost to build a house Brisbane, you can pay less depending on the money you are borrowing and based on your agreement with the lender. A mortgage broker should be able to give you an accurate answer regarding the down payment requirements based on your income, credit score and employment history. If you are giving a smaller down payment, that also means that you will have to pay more interest. This is another part that you have to discuss with your broker.


6. About the Interest Rate

The mortgage rates fluctuate on a daily basis. So to get an accurate comparison, you will have to consider many factors. You will also have to get quotes from different lenders on the same date to do a proper comparison of what each one is offering. This is the most beneficial aspect of hiring a mortgage broker who can do a comparison for you from a variety of lenders.


7. About a Bad Credit

One of the most asked questions about lending money is whether it is even possible with a bad credit score, If you have a low credit score, you should be transparent about it with the mortgage broker right from the beginning. This will give them more time to find a suitable one for you and will also increase your chances of getting one, especially if you are a new home builder Brisbane and is doing it for the first time.

If you can put up less than the typical down payment or have a bad credit score, there are also options to take private mortgage insurance. It is not impossible to lend money with a low credit score, it might mean that you will have to pay a high premium on the insurance.

While looking for a mortgage broker, look for someone who offers competitive rates, support and service for you to fulfil your house designs into reality. Their advice is vital for you to choose the right deal for you and to understand the credit report. The right broker might be your key to open many doors of lenders who might not offer you the same deals if you approach them individually.

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Are you thinking about buying a property or a new home? Then the safest way to approach the whole thing is by hiring a professional mortgage broker. In Brisbane alone the listings for properties and financial services that offer money are plenty. The task of narrowing down what you, at the best rates possible is a challenging task. It will take not only time but if you are not completely aware of how the system works, it might not even get you the best results.

That is why it is in your best interest to hire a mortgage broker, who can use their expertise to get you exactly what you are looking for, or even better.


What Does a Mortgage Broker Do?

A mortgage broker essentially serves as a middleman between you and the lender. Their job is to find the right lender for you, who can offer the best rates. They work on your behalf, consulting with several banks to find you mortgage lenders with the best competitive interest rates.

Mortgage brokers are required to have a license and work as regulated financial professionals. From gathering the required documents to steps such as verifying your credit history and income, the broker can work for you. They will, in turn, use this information to approach lenders and get results in a short time.

Once you find the right loan and the lender, the mortgage broker will work with the bank’s underwriting department, and the real estate agent to complete the transaction smoothly. They save you time by doing most of the legwork, to identify all the options for loans. They are most likely to have a network of lenders they know who can get you deals promptly. If you approach these lenders individually you might not get the same deals. A mortgage broker thus ensures that things run in your favour.


How to Pay the Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage brokers are either paid by the lenders or the borrowers but never by both parties. The fees they charge will depend on the home prices, and competitiveness in the local market, they are also guided by regulations on how much percentage can charge as fees.

Now that we have brushed up on the essentials let us go into the details of why and when exactly you need to hire a mortgage broker.


1. When you are Looking for Assistance

Not everyone is familiar with many financial concepts. Many times, when you consult someone regarding the finances, the jargon they use might make you feel overwhelmed. Whether you are looking for a new property or working with construction companies Brisbane has to build a house, chances are that you will some financial assistance. With a broker to help you throughout the process, they will guide you along every step of the way. They can also help you compare multiple deals. They will work with you closely to assess your requirements to find you the loan that most suits your needs.


2. If you Don’t Have Enough Time

Deciding to start with a Brisbane building might be more time consuming than you think. From looking for the best home builders Brisbane reviews to finding the licensed builder for your project, everything takes a lot of time. With a mortgage broker to help you out, you can save a lot of time in the long run, It is the broker who gets quotes and their job is to compare them with one another. With someone already experienced in the field, they will know how to get you the deal saving you a lot of time. You will not have to spend time negotiating with the lender or taking care of the paperwork, the broker will look after all that.


3. For Low-Interest Rates

Most of the professional mortgage brokers already have an understanding with the financial lenders. They can get you quotes that are cheaper than the market rate with their network. Even a slight variation in the interest rates could affect your payable amount in the long run. If you do not have much experience with lenders, the best way to make sure you get the best value in a deal is to hire a mortgage broker.


4. If you have Bad Credit Score

Many of us are under the assumption that if you have a bad credit score, then it is difficult to secure a mortgage. But with the right broker by your side, it is indeed possible to find yourself a mortgage at a reasonable interest rate, despite the credit score.


5. Free of Charge

Like we mentioned above, if the mortgage broker is getting paid by the lender, then you can absolutely get their services free of charge. This means that you will be able to benefit from all their expertise and influence, without having to spend any money at all.


How to Choose a Mortgage Broker?

Similar to choosing the best builders Brisbane has for your project, the first and best way is to ask around your social network for referrals. Instead of choosing acquaintances, choose referrals from people who have already worked with the said brokers. This is a great way to get to know about the broker’s communication style, approach to clients and expertise in the field.

Another way to find a broker is by using your real estate agent. They are sure to have worked with mortgage brokers before and their referrals will always include testimonials from theirs and the client’s side as well. Some real estate companies also have in-house brokers that come as a part of their services.

Before hiring, also make sure to check for their licenses too. Finding the right mortgage broker is as important as getting your house plans Brisbane done by the right architect or finding the right lender. Interview at least three people before you come to an agreement with them.

If you are looking for some guidance in the area, contact us at TrustCo to know more about mortgage brokers in Brisbane. We can also help you find the best builders in Brisbane to get your work started.

It is a common known fact that sloping blocks have a way of draining your money out. As exceptional as the views might be, you still need to be extra cautious while proceeding with a sloped land.


So how much more would a sloped land construction cost you? There are many a factor to consider before taking up a property with a contour for your building. Here are a few upsides and downsides for you to consider.


Sloping Blocks vs Flat Blocks

So why do sloping blocks cost more?


  • Design – Sloping blocks need an expert design to use the contour to the advantage. Without a proper house design to reflect on the merits of a sloping block, the point of spending extra on the land is lost. It would also require strong structural backup, hence needing an engineer to design the same.
  • Access – Sloping blocks might be comparatively tricky to access. Even within the plot itself, moving the materials require more effort than a flat block.
  • Foundation – Along the lines of the structure of the building, the foundation is another aspect that needs extra care when it comes to slopes.
  • Excavation – depending on the foundation, and the layout of the land, site alterations including excavation and cut and fill would be necessary.
  • Landscaping – landscaping not only pertains to beautifying the garden. Sloping blocks would require additional landscaping work like a retaining wall. There are also a few other factors to consider like drainage and erosion.


Upsides of a Sloping Block

It is not all uphill on a sloping block. There are many advantages to building on a sloping block. The foremost reason why the sloping block is favoured would definitely be the unobstructed views.


Along the views comes the abundant natural light and ventilation. With thoughtful design, all these features could be used to benefit the building in many ways. Passive design elements could be integrated using the right building elements and flow in the floor plan. Sloping b  house designs Brisbane, being in a tropical climate could go for timber homes as they use less energy for air conditioning.


The sloping block is also an excellent investment opportunity. While the cost of the building might be higher, since there are only a fraction that is available with panoramic views, it could get you high returns. Many people are looking to buy downward sloping b  house designs and renovate it later to their needs.


Most Important aspects

Above all, in any house, the most important concern is safety. Every home is built for a long term plan in mind, even if you sell it to someone. Thus there should be no compromise in the quality of the structure.

The quality of design in the sloping block is the prominent feature. House on sloping blocks is generally considered on the side of luxury. The more stylish the homes are, the more demand it would have.


At the same time, it is also necessary to build according to the taste of local demographics.

Quality of construction is even more critical due to the risks that the layout of the sloping blocks entails.


How to Design for Sloping Blocks

It would be in your best interest to hire an architect to do the house design. They are more qualified to take up larger complex jobs. Ensure that the architect has experience dealing with such blocks.


Building designers are also a good choice. But if it is a large development, it is essential that you go for the most experienced person who knows what specifically the site and the homeowner require.


Getting Approvals for Sloping Blocks

Once the design is finalised, the requires drawings have to be submitted to the local council for approval. You would have to lodge a Development Application (DA) or Construction Certificate depending on the project.

The process and processing time of approvals differs from one council to another. To ensure that it does not take long, all the documents have to thorough and all necessary information supplied at the time of initial submission itself.


Costs of Building on a Sloping Block

For a standard building on a flat plot, the costing could be split into

  • 50 per cent for materials
  • 35 per cent for labour
  • 15% per cent council fees and permits


It also changes the on the type of construction materials. Generally, the cost would fall somewhere between $1200 to!700 per square meter for a house with a single storey. For a multistorey, it could rise to $3000 per square meter.


If the building is not a sloping block, you should be prepared to add 20% of the budget up to one meter of the slope. Bove that it could increase even more. At the least, it would add another $50,000 or above.


Requesting Quotes from the builder

For sloping blocks, the experience is the key factor. There are builders specialised on working with sloping blocks and whose expertise would be a strong point. Request quotes from sloping block buildersBrisbane, who can anticipate potential problems and match the costs right from the beginning.

The builder will have to access the site first before quoting the costs. This way, you could avoid variations caused by the site conditions that will cost you extra.


Hiring the Builder

After receiving the quotes, check for the following aspects before choosing the builder.


  • Is the builder thorough with the site conditions and requirements mentioned in the tender
  • Does the builder hold valid insurance and give proof of the same
  • Prior experience in working with sloping blocks
  • Value of the costing
  • Construction schedule
  • About the references mentioned that you could follow up.


Once you have discussed all these factors with your architect, it is necessary to enter into a signed agreement with the contractor. The contract should explicitly mention


  • Detailed scope of works
  • The timeframe for the work to be completed
  • The total price of the contract
  • Scope for variations
  • Schedule of payments


The agreement has to comply with all the legal requirements before you start with the construction.


Find out about the best builders in Brisbane suitable for sloping blocks by contacting TrustCo.

Even before planning to build your own house, the first question you want to ask yourself is how much you can afford to spend. The extent of your requirements and the team you hire would all depend on this significant factor.


Estimating the cost would give you an approximate idea of how to proceed during the build. The costing depends on a myriad of factors when it comes to construction. Let us take a look here are different scenarios.


Cost Estimation of a New Home

While considering to build a new home, the first thought should be given to the property. With the current market values in Australia, the land prices are much higher than what the construction of a new building would cost. But this, of course, would depend on what you are building.


Different states and cities in Australia have significant differences in construction and land prices. It could vary from, $233 per square meter in Hobart to $933 in Sydney. On average, the cost of a new build falls between, $1100 to $1500 per square meter. There are also other factors that affect this price such as

  • The quote put forward by the builder
  • The location of the site
  • The area of the floor plan
  • The quality of construction materials.
  • Conditions of the site.


This price per square meter is excluding the services fees of the architect or the designer, or any other factors outside the construction. It does not include the costs of getting building permits, approvals, and the other necessary elements like insurance. If the site has a slope, it would add an additional 10% or 20% more to the cost. Below are the average cost estimates per square meter from a different area in Australia.

  • Brisbane – Between $1700 to $3400
  • Adelaide: $1550 to $3400
  • Melbourne: $1365 to $2700
  • Sydney: $1550 to $4350
  • Perth: $1420 to $2263
  • Canberra: $1530 to $2500


These are above the national average since they are popular cities. Small towns will have a much lower rate.


The quality of the construction materials used is another prominent deciding factor. Whatever the budget is, the new home Builders Brisbane have to comply with the standards and regulations set by the building councils.


There are many new trends coming up that has a significant reduction in costs. Prefabricated or modular houses are one such category. Any direction you go, ensure that the architect and the house builders Brisbane are aware of your budget.


Cost Estimation of Home Additions and Renovations

Home renovations and additions tend to cost more than building a new house. One main reason for this is that the remodelling and additions include a part to restructuring the existing home and then work on it as a new one. There are also chances that there would be complication along the way. New home construction also takes lesser time than additions, depending on the extent of it.


If you take a room extension, say for 10-meter square area, according to the current rate it would cost you

  • $57,000 to $68,000 if it is  a budget room
  • $119,000 to $143,000 for a luxury room and
  • $82,000 to $98,000 for a room with ensuite bathroom.


Typical home extensions have much larger areas than 10 m2, and the cost of that could get only higher. If there are more parts included in the renovation or addition, it could affect the costing too. Here are a few scenarios to bear in mind.

  • Bathrooms cost more for additions
  • Kitchen extensions are costlier than bedrooms
  • Demolitions are expensive
  • If the parts of the building are difficult to access, the costs would be higher.
  • Depends on site conditions
  • Type of fixtures and fittings ranging from budget, standard or luxury.


Along with this, a home addition would also include the other charges that come along with new home constructions like the council fees, architects fees, and cost blowouts. If you are looking to have a cheaper alternative, experienced builders could help you with that.


A licensed builder who has plenty of experience working with different house designs Brisbane has would be able to offer expertise on how to proceed with an addition. This could make you consider to avoid hiring an architect but a drafter who can help draw the relevant floor plans alone.


A builder might be capable of creating their own drawings, but you will need the proper set of drawing to get the required council permissions. Unless it is a complicated situation that demands the supervision of an architect, this is a good way to approach it.


Another way to reduce home addition costs is by working on a structure already existent on the property and remodelling it to suit your needs. If you are hoping to add a guest room or workspace, even a shed or the garage could be transformed into any space and integrated well into the existing house. Remodelling smaller structures cost much less than additions and extensions.


Granny flats and sheds also open opportunities to gain additional rental income. In a city, this space could be considered big enough to be a studio apartment itself. For smaller spaces also, modular designs are kits also available. You can further customise it to suit your needs, but the expenses of it would be minimal compared to adding a new structure itself.


Conclusively, the costing depends entirely on what kind of house you want to build and where you want to build it. Even with the average construction costs across the country, it is the minor details that would add more expenses.


The costing could also depend on the type of builder and the quality of work. There could be a notable difference between the costing done by multiple builders. It is hence crucial to compare each quote and figure why the difference.


Low costing does not always provides the best value. Clear any clarification regarding the estimates before you hire the builder.


Start by finding the best builders Brisbane has. Reach out to Trustco, and we are more than happy to help you find them.

When you are planning to build a house, the majority of us will have to look into getting a mortgage or loan. The general idea is that beyond the amount you take out for the loan, you will also have to pay interest on the money. The interest is the way by which the lender benefits from offering you the credit. How to Decide Between Variable and Fixed Interest Loans.

There are different ways to calculate the interest for loans. The lower the interest rate, the better the deal. But you should read into the fine print before deciding on any loan, as it could contribute significantly to your financial position.

There are mainly two types of loans; variable and fixed interest. Take a look here in detail to understand which would work better for you.


Variable Interest Loan


Builders Brisbane | How to Decide Between Variable & Fixed Interest Loan

As the name suggests, variable interest loans offer an interest that fluctuates over time in line with the general interest rates. The interest would increase or decrease depending on the cash rate set by the Reserve Bank of Australia (the RBA).

Also known as floating rate loans, the starting interest rates for this loan usually starts low compared to fixed-rate mortgages, but the payment amount can vary over time. Granny flat builders Brisbane gets you 3 competitive quotes from the most trusted builders.


How does a Variable Loan Work?


Builders Brisbane | How to Decide Between Variable & Fixed Interest Loan

RBA officially meets on the first Tuesday of every month to consider and discuss the different economic indicators that affect the interest rate and decide whether a change is required in the best interests of the economy of Australia.

After a decision is made, it is announced, and the lenders and other financial institutions adjust their interest rates accordingly. In theory, this is what happens. However, in recent years, banks have not always been prompt to implement the changes. Nevertheless, the rate of interest on your loan will vary as per the interest rate set by the RBA. It is important to know how to decide between variable and fixed interest loans.

The main advantages of Variable loans are that you can make extra repayments, that would save you interest and help to pay off the loan sooner. A few banks also allow redraws with variable loans, and it is also easier to switch loans for a better deal.

If the interest rate decreases and you pay the same monthly amount, it could lead to a substantial amount in the principal amount of your loan being paid off. With a vetting standard that satisfies only the pickiest, Renovation Builder Brisbane ensure that your expectations will be met, if not exceeded.


Fixed Interest Loan


Builders Brisbane | How to Decide Between Variable & Fixed Interest Loan

Fixed rate loans come with an interest rate that is fixed throughout the course of the loan. This means that you pay the same interest rate every month and you will know how much interest you will have to pay every month. Most loans usually come with fixed rates. Choose the right builders Brisbane for your home.


How does a Fixed Interest Loan Work?


Builders Brisbane | How to Decide Between Variable & Fixed Interest Loan

A fixed loan interest could have a term with fixed interest anytime between one to thirty years. After that period, you can choose for a variable interest or negotiate another fixed interest term.

The certainty of knowing the payment amount allows you to plan your budgets properly is one of the pros of this option. At the same time, there are chances that you would be losing money while paying higher interest if the current rate is lower. Finding the right Luxury home builders Brisbane can literally save you tens of thousands. 

The downsides also include the limits on extra repayments or even the possibility of no extra repayments. The redraw facility is also not offered with a fixed rate loan, and even if you pay off the loan within the term, you might have to pay a break fee. This type of mortgage loan is not recommended especially if you are planning to sell the house in the short term. Contact us as one of our build home brisbane team members will get back to you within 48 hours.


How to Choose?


Builders Brisbane | How to Decide Between Variable & Fixed Interest Loan

For choosing the right option for you, there are a number of factors to consider. Starting from the size of the mortgage, the loan duration, and individual circumstances are all contributing elements.

Most importantly the prevailing interest rate and a general understanding of the current economy is necessary to make the decision. It is not possible for everyone to predict how the economy would be functioning in the future. That is why it would be best to consult building brokers Brisbane to help you with the decision. Choosing the right building designers is important as it can make or break your project.

Generally, if the interest rates in the market are low but are predicted to rise in a short time, it would be best to go with fixed interest loans. Fixed rates are determined by not only the current interest rates in the market but also based on the length of the loan term. With a rising interest rate, locking in a fixed rate loan would protect you against the higher rates.

On the other hand, if the predictions show that the market rates would decline soon, then a variable rate loan might be better. It gives you a little flexibility and allows you to pay more on the payments and close off the loan sooner. Our house and land packages Brisbane got you covered from $50K renovations to $5M projects.


Splitting the Loan


Builders Brisbane | How to Decide Between Variable & Fixed Interest Loan

There is also a third option to opt for a 50/50 combination of both types. You can negotiate for one choice for a term and switch to another. Splitting your home could also be done by nominating a proportion for a fixed rate and other portion as a variable. It offers both the certainty of fixed loans and flexibility to make extra repayments on the variable part. This provides more flexibility and a chance for you to see how the market is performing in the long term. Choose architects according to your requirements.

Mortgage loans or construction loans have always been in the category for low-interest rates. A term for 30 years with a fixed rate would secure affordable payments. If the homeowner is looking to sell the house or refinance the mortgage in the interval of a few years, a variable rate would be beneficial as the term is short.

Your Brisbane business broker can recommend you the term to choose for the mortgage loan. As for a long term investment can a slight difference of 0.25% on an interest rate could mean thousands of dollars.

Making a decision as big as this is dependant on other factors too. You need a fine team with you throughout the process to advise you. If you are in the lookout for builders, contact TrustCo to get started.

Your house is one of the prized possessions of your life. Having a place to call your own, that is your heaven and castle, and however small it is, matters to you. Here is a complete guide to home insurance for you guys.

So how do you protect the house against any damages? What if some unexpected disaster occurs, a fire, or flood? What about all the valuables inside it? Where would you live while the house is under repairs?

There are a lot of such questions to think about. And the one simple solution for all this is home insurance. So it is only imminent that you know about home insurance, why it is a crucial and necessary thing to have.

What does Home Insurance Cover?

 A Complete Guide To Home Insurance

There are two types of home insurances; building insurance and contents cover. Building insurance covers the house structure like the roof, walls, and openings. It also includes fixtures that are permanent like the kitchen and bathroom fittings.

There are building insurances that protect your house right from the construction stage too. The plan of the insurance policies vary, but it usually insures the building against fire, flood, storm, subsidence, theft, etc. Additional coverage could also be added upon request, for an additional cost.

Content Insurances, on the other hand, take care of the personal items or contents inside the house. With a vetting standard that satisfies only the pickiest, renovation builder Brisbane ensure that your expectations will be met, if not exceeded.

How to Insure House Under Construction?

 home design interior

Builders in Brisbane are required to have a valid insurance certificate for construction. This is to ensure that consumers have protection against incomplete or poor construction quality.

There is another option of “Contractors All Risks” cover, that offers security for third-party injury, property damages, and other malicious damages. This is a policy usually taken by both the owner and the contractor. There are also options to add the financing companies or anyone else who needs coverage to the policy.

The goal of such insurance is to ensure that all parties involved in the building are covered regardless of who caused it or the type of damage. It could also provide protection for the construction materials and any other work that has been already completed at the property. Our house and land packages Brisbane got you covered from $50K renovations to $5M projects.

Exclusion in Building insurances

 Renovation Builder Brisbane

Building insurance policies in Australia do not usually cover any damages caused by wear and tear nor from acts of terrorism. Also, depending on the policy, there is a maximum time for unoccupancy, after which the policy could be invalidated. It is vital that you read the fine print before signing up for insurance to know what you are taking up.

Is Building Insurance Mandatory?
 home design plans

It is not a written rule that you should insure your house. But if you are taking a mortgage, then the lender will insist that you have one. If you are buying a house and not building one, then you need to make sure that there is an insurance policy involved and mentioned in the contracts. Choose the right Brisbane builder for your home. Find the best builders Brisbane that offers by getting in touch with TrustCo.

How to Choose Building insurance?

 Builders Brisbane

Building insurance should be enough to cover the cost of a rebuild of your house. In any case that you have to rebuild scratch, the insurance should pay for the rebuilt. A rebuild often cost lower than the market value of the house and its sale price. Granny flat builders Brisbane gets you 3 competitive quotes from the most trusted builders.

The rebuild cost is calculated based on the mortgage valuation, size of the house, number of bedrooms, type of property, etc. Many online websites offer free calculators to do this. Remember that if you take a higher insurance amount, then you might pay higher for the cover you don’t need. Insurance too low could mean extra payments because of the shortfall.

Expert insurance builders Brisbane and building brokers Brisbane recommend that you regularly review the cost of a rebuild for the home to stay up-to-date. The values and prices are always changing. If you have renovated or extended your home, that could also affect the rebuild cost.

If you need help, always hire a third party or a surveyor to arrive at the proper value for the insurance.

It is best to compare multiple insurance policies and choose the right one for the level of cover, price range, and other terms and conditions. Get in touch as one of our friendly team members will get back to you within 48 hours.

Home and Contents Insurance Policy

 home design exterior

Once the construction is completed and has reached the lock-up stage, it is time to get a home and contents insurance. On average, a family of four will have contents worth more than 50,000 AUD. It is essential to get the figure right, to get the right amount for the claim. Hope a complete guide to home insurance proved beneficial you guys.

The best way to do this is to take an inventory by yourself. Add in the contents that are important, even in the garage and storage. It could include furniture, appliances, clothes, smart devices and whatever you feel needs to be insured. Choosing the right building designers is important as it can make or break your project.

For valuable items, it would be best if you have proof to show the value since the insurers tend to ask that. Also, check on how the payout works whether there is any limit for any particular item to assure that there is no shortfall.  

Content insurances also have the arrangement on new for old. This means the policy will pay for a product that is damaged by fire or theft. But this often depends on the market value of the item at that point. This is one thing you have to choose for content insurances, whether you want new for old or indemnity policies. Accidental damage is one of the recommended add on, for valuable items like paintings or carpets getting destroyed.

Insurance and Renovations

 House And Land Packages Brisbane

If the house is covered with insurance, make sure you check with your insurer whether the renovations are also included. Even if it is, the coverage might depend on the scope and extent of the renovation. Finding the right finance brokers can literally save you tens of thousands. 

For renovation also, remember to take construction insurance and ask for a valid insurance certificate from the Brisbane builder. Once the renovation or rebuild is complete, the insurance has to be updated again to include the changes.

Before choosing an insurance policy, the first step is to make sure that your builder has a valid one for construction. Find the best builders Brisbane that offers by getting in touch with TrustCo.