Don’t leave it to chance, the first Brisbane building designer you find on Google will most likely not be the right one. Many homeowners get caught out with quotes from builders that are $300k over their budget just because their Brisbane building designer wasn’t able to stick to the initial budget.

TrustCo helps you find the right designer who can step into your shoes and give life to your vision just the way you want it and within the allocated budget. We have forged relationships with the best building designers Brisbane has to offer and will connect you with the right fit for your project, whether it’s a small-scale renovation or a full-scale home build or development.

Our building designers provide the following services

Custom homes



Studios/Granny flats

Why choose TrustCo to find your Brisbane building designer?

Here at TrustCo, we realise your dreams from concept to completion. With an inspirational drive to create beautiful homes, we strive at every challenge thrown to us with an excellent team of only the best Brisbane building designers in our network.

All of our building designers are carefully selected and vetted to ensure that they meet our high standards. If they aren’t good enough for us, they aren’t good enough for you and with a customer-focus that guarantees quality, there is no need to take a gamble on a big decision such as this.

By choosing TrustCo, you can rest easy knowing that your building designer has a comprehensive knowledge of local town planning laws, regulations, building codes and will adhere to the standards set by all bodies of authority.

Our Brisbane building designers work closely with engineers, certifiers, estimators and builders at the very beginning of the design process. By doing so, the combined knowledge from all aspects of building a home gives you the advantage of delivering award-winning designs that you can be proud of.

TrustCo’s building designers collaborate with builders during the design phase ensuring the project is realised on budget.

What makes TrustCo building designers stand out in the industry is in the way we operate from the very beginning. By working closely with qualified, licensed builders during the design phase, our clients do not experience the shocks of builder quotes coming in up to 50% higher than budget.

With TrustCo, we eliminate the time, money and stress disappointments faced by clients due to poor building designer and builder collaborations.

Supported by numerous in-house and external consultants, our building designers in Brisbane have the knowledge support to design and build homes that are not only practical, but aesthetically pleasing.

TrustCo is 100% local and family owned. We’re small enough to care and big enough to handle large projects.

Interested in learning more about how we can help make your vision, goals and expectations are met? We’re real nerdy about the building industry so feel free to get in touch and chat with us about any ideas you have!

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