Struggling to get your website in front of customers?

Save yourself time and money, and get other business owners and entrepreneurs to help you out – by helping them in return.

Identify the specific keywords you want to rank for on Google and give a shoutout to members to help!

Please click on the Facebook link to join the group.


Follow these 3 steps to get ranked –


  • 1. Post the keyword you want to rank for on the Facebook group.
    Members will then search for that keyword by typing it into Google and scrolling down the pages to find your website link. 
  • 2. Post the title of the link members will be looking for.
  • 3. Post the page number where your website link can be found on Google
    This will help speed up the process for members to find your website link quickly and accurately.


  • If you are using a smartphone to search for the keywords and you need to get to the 2nd or 3rd page etc. At the bottom of each page you can click MORE RESULTS to go to the next page and so on.



Rules –

VERY IMPORTANT – Please stay on the page for at least a few minutes and do not bounce off pages straight away. If you have the time, please look through the website by visiting different pages as this will help Google find relevance in the website and improve its SEO rankings.

Check out the click-through section of this article.


How it works – 

Google revealed that clicks to a website link prove relevance in the search engine and as a result, websites that have high relevance (determined by click-through rates of links in search engines) are given priority in the search results.

This technique will help boost your website’s visibility for your targeted keywords. However, be aware that this should not be a substitute for SEO, but rather act as an assistance to it. 

Looking forward to your participation and are excited to see the results!


Please click on the Facebook link to join the group.



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