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9 Things To Consider Before Hiring An Interior Designer

Getting the right team for your dream project is not a minuscule task. There is plenty of homework to do, quite a lot of internet searches and some credible resources as well. Apart from looking for certain qualities and skills in your designer, there are a few things you have to do yourself too. Financial […]

6 Signs You Need a Professional Interior Designer

You might have come across many articles on why you should hire an interior designer. But what about those who are already in a home that still hasn’t got that finishing touch? A few years back, hiring an interior designer was not a prospect looked forward by the average middle-class families. But now the scenario […]

Interior Designers – Why To Hire Them

Everybody wants a perfect house with just the right imperfections. Our homes are the embodiment of our lives, its different phases, and all our emotions, good and bad in one package. It also speaks volumes about ourselves. There is nothing further needed to emphasise why house design matters to each of us. Whether it is […]

How to Hire an Interior Designer

What you feel when you enter a space could determine the course of life you could experience there. The bright shades could cheer you up, a painting could bring in life into the rooms, or even the right flower vase kept at the right place could alter the whole effect. All of these could be […]

How to Use Second Hand Materials for Construction

Don’t let the word second hand put you off. We are talking about perfectly usable recycled materials, that could spruce up your house design with some charm and still be kind to the environment. Why choose recycled materials above new ones? Above all the reasons for that, the one thing that would matter the most […]


How to Build a Cyclone Proof House

Cyclones are not that rare in Australia. The Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia, see the most in the country. The set building standards for cyclone prone regions were introduced only after 1895. Since there, there have been significantly fewer damages from this natural cause. The cyclone prone territories in Australia encounter the Category C […]