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Are home security systems worth the money?


The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that home security systems have come a long way from their early days, using new technology to give them increased strength and more customisation options for customers. Find a system which suits your desired security cover, offers a manageable interface, and fits your finances too. Read through this guide to find out why home security systems are worth the money, and how to get the best system for you.


Burglary statistics in Australia: why home security systems matter

While burglaries are thankfully not always serious and life-threatening, they inevitably cause a great deal of frustration and hassle for victims. Replacing lost items after a burglary or “home invasion” doesn’t always mean buying a new TV after your insurance money comes through. Attempting to replace driver’s licences, bank cards, locks on the front door (and so on) without any of the necessary documents is a real struggle. These are easy tasks when you have everything you need; but if someone steals them from you, it’s a fight you never saw coming.


Interestingly, a survey conducted in 2015 asked detainees convicted of breaking and entering for their perspective on burglary in Australia, and found that:


  • 40% believed minimal security is a risky mistake made by property owners/residents resulting in burglary.


  • 8% said that false systems simply didn’t cut it – they were not and would not be fooled.


  • Almost 50% said a working alarm system would have stopped them from breaking into a property.



Clearly, then, home security systems do add protection and deter potential burglars from attempting to break in. In this case, they are certainly worth the money and will give you peace of mind when tucking yourself into bed for the night.


What systems are available?

So, we’ve shown that home security systems are certainly useful, but how can you tell the best from the worst? How do you decide which ones suit your situation and which ones offer empty promises?


Researching available systems is the best way to find the right one for you. Here are some tips to keep in mind while you search:



  • Your finances; there’s no point buying a system you won’t be able to afford a few months down the line.



  • The interface: is it important to you to monitor your security when away from home via a mobile app? Do you need a self-monitoring or more automated service?


  • Customer service. Good customer service when buying and setting up your system indicates how helpful a company will be if you ever experience problems.


  • Unnecessary set-up costs and strict, risky contracts.




Start the search for the right system for you, today, and secure your home for years to come. It’s well worth the money.

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