The house design is what that determines the essential feel of the house. It is going to define how the different spaces are conceived, how people move around the house and even how it feels. Though the design might be the creative product of the architect or the designer, it still represents your thoughts and ideas on how it should be.

These thoughts are conveyed through a set of diagrams. While a 3D  rendered view could show you how the house might look after finishing, it is the set of drawings that speak the common language between designers and Brisbane builders. It is also the key to every single detail that specifies how the construction has to be done and with what.

What the Set of Drawings Showhome renovations Brisbane

The house plans and other diagrams detail and communicate the following sections of the build.

  • Floor plans
  • Detailed material  specifications
  • Plumbing Layouts and specifications
  • Electrical layouts and fixture details
  • Roof plans, details and sections
  • The layout of structural frames and supporting elements
  • Exact dimensions of every wall and space
  • Flooring patterns and specifications
  • Landscaping and compound wall details

It is depending on the diagrams worked out by the architect that the builder proceeds with the costing and construction. So even the slightest misunderstanding or misinterpretations could not only result in financial damages but also would affect the building’s safety and integrity.

If one element does not fit, it might affect everything else and cause a domino effect. It is thus essential that these diagrams are accurate and represents the final decision of all the parties involved in the build.

Thus it is essential for the homeowner also to have a basic understanding of the building diagrams to make sure that it works according to their interests.

Diagrams in Detailbuilder brisbane

The required set of drawings or details would depend on the type of construction. However, for any build, there are a few essential types of diagrams to represent the requirements and construction plans. Below is the list of the common diagrams that you will likely to come across during house building.

Site Plans – Site plans show where the house is going to be placed in the plot. The plan will also have extensions of the existing roads, access to the site, the nearby amenities and other features in the immediate vicinity. If there are any prominent landmarks, that would also be marked in the plan. There are usually two of these, the before and after the plan of the construction.

Floor Plans- Floors plans represent how the house looks from the top view if it has been cut just above the sill level of the windows. Thus one can see the placement of windows, doors, and any openings apart from the walls. Floor plans will further have many details ones, that zooms on different parts of the house.

Elevations- Elevations show how the house looks from the front view. There would be elevations of all sides of the house with the exact dimensions of the height and width. There would be two sets of elevations, both interior, and exterior.

Sections- Sections explain how the building looks when crosscutting in any part.  In fact, the floor plan itself is a section cut horizontally. Wall sections are cut vertically, showing the details of the interior, roof details, and exterior claddings.

Framing Plans- Framing plans include the structural details of the frames and other engineering details that go into making the building structurally sound.

Shadow Diagrams- Shadows diagrams are intended to represent how the volume of the building will create shadows on your and the neighbouring properties. These diagrams depict the shadow patterns at the extremes of maximum and minimum light.

Guide to House plans and Diagrams home and house packages brisbane

House plans and diagrams are required to follow a standard set of rules. This is necessary for anyone who is looking at it to understand what each and every lie and symbol represents. Many of these details are the same universally.

In Australia, all the drawings have to adhere to the Architectural drawing standards set by the Australian Standard AS 1100. It explains in detail what information has to be included, where it should be placed on the drawing and what methods to be used for annotations. It also has set the abbreviations and other codes to be used by builders and architects.

Every drawing sheet will have these parts.

  • Title Block- This is part of the formatting of the sheet that is found in the side or the bottom of the sheet. It includes
  • Title of the Drawing
  • The date of the drawings
  • The time of revisions
  • The name of the person who drafted the drawing
  • The name and details of the Architect or designer
  • Location of the site
  • Details of the Client

Scale – It is mandatory that all technical drawings other than conceptual sketches are done in scale. It shows precisely the ratio and the scale has to be highlighted in the drawing too. Many parts use different units for measurements, and this is written together with the scale rather than along with every single measurement marked in the diagrams.

Orientation- Shows how the building is oriented in the site by marking the north of the site. It is relevant that the north point should be marked in every drawing in the set for clarity and consistency.

Callouts- Any legends or symbols indicating that few parts are blown up in detail in another drawing.

Though the designers have their own creative licenses, they should make it a point that these leave no room for misinterpretations. Drawings are the responsibility of the architect or the designer, and their mistakes could cost the homeowner and the builder drastically.

If you need any clarifications, take time to sit with the architect or builder to understand what the drawing represents.

The builder can also request for extra drawings if they need more details to work with. All house plans Brisbane will have identical legends and standards to make it comprehensible by everyone.

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