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Many architects shine at different things. While the common talent is their creativity, there are a few who excel in project and construction management as well. Hiring an architect for your building is one of the most important decisions you have to take, and it is easy to do it wrong.

The key to the success of any building project is the relationship between the architect and the client. However, the architect is also required to guide their clients along the way to prevent any mistakes. For someone whom you turn to for their intellect, you also need to ensure that they are the right person to guide you. To do that, it is inevitable to assess their skill set. You can start doing that by following our points below.

1. Do They Provide Project Management?

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Like we mentioned before an architect’s services are not limited to providing house designs. Their job starts right from analyzing the site to handing you over the house. But architects are not professionally trained in the management part of the project; that is something they practice and gain from their experiences.

Hence, while you look for their design skills, it is important that you ask them how they manage their project or whether they provide project management at all. Many architects offer the required drawings and details and assist the residential builders Brisbane, but they should also know how to complete the project within the mentioned timeframe and budget. So look for how they have completed their previous projects and not only at their new house designs Brisbane.

2. Do They Oversell?

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Architects are good spokespeople for themselves. They are enthusiastic when it comes to their profession. In the meetings you have with your architect, there are chances that the architect makes promises that cannot always be fulfilled. So when you propose a challenging task, see whether they are being honest with what they offer or just blatantly saying yes to whatever you suggest. An architect is supposed to present you the facts of your requirements, how they are feasible and what is not.

3. Do They Offer Sensible Advice?

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Along the lines of the last point, an architect is also your advisor throughout the entire project. That means if you want an extension that simply is not practical, they should not recommend it. Nor should they promise to finish the project in a timeframe that they know is not possible. But to get this advice from them, you need to be honest with them. You can start with sharing ideas of what you need in the house by showing images or even your dreams. It is necessary that both parties understand each other as people, especially for the architect to know your interests and lifestyle.

4. Does the Architect Suggest Untested Methods

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Building designers wants to be given complete freedom in design. They are always looking for new ways to build and innovative ways to approach a problem. For instance, sloping site house designs most often presents architects with problems that they are keen to solve with new ways. Unfortunately, these could also lead to failures.

As much as glass designs and flat roofs look good on a house, if it does not work well with your climatic conditions and require more energy to run the house, then it is not an efficient design. Today it is not just about the affordability of the owner, but we all have to be conscious about how much energy we consume every day.

If you feel the architect is not familiar with the technique they are using on your house, you can always request them to use a different method. However, do not invade their creative freedom at the same time too.

5. Do They provide All the Details?

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At a construction site, all the communication is done through drawings. Whether the team is experienced Brisbane building companies or renovation builders, they all need specific drawings to proceed with the construction. While all architects have to provide a set of thee drawings, many fail to provide details. This could be about how to fix a specific fixture or joints on the roof or even the interior detailings.

The more complex the design, the more the details required. It is not always possible to follow it up on the site, which will only lead to arguments or misunderstandings delaying the entire construction.

6. How Do They Manage Costs?

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During construction, the architect has a responsibility to control the costs, However, if the client insists on a specific product or a detail that are expensive, it is entirely up to them to spend their money. But if you are hoping to work within a budget, you have to explicitly ask the architect how they plan to do that. You can also ask around their previous clients on how the architect has come through on the other works and how they have managed the costs. Also, make it a point to ask them about their contingency plans if any unforeseen circumstance arises.

7. How Do They Manage Time?

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Another vital point is to check whether they have completed their previous works in the promised time. The timescale does not apply to the construction time alone. From gaining the planning permission to finishing the interior, everything has to be planned out.

8. Do They Listen to You?

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Architects are supposed to work for you and with you. After all, it is your house. So if you want a specific wallpaper or a layout, they are obliged to listen to your choice. But not everyone has the same approach, there are architects who do not take their client’s demands into account. There is a knack of handling such requests from a client and choosing how to advise them that one gain from experience or with people skills.

While hiring an architect, what you receive is an all-in-one consultant from the designer to the landscaper. So make sure that you get the right one for the team and the best  builders to carry out their ideas.

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