If you thought that building a new home is too much trouble than just renovating it, let us tell you something. You almost got it wrong there. Renovations are even more bewildering than constructing from scratch.

You are often met with surprises, and they usually aren’t the kind of surprises you’d hope for. In the end, even the best renovation builder Brisbane has to offer may end up blowing your renovation budget.

To avoid falling under the trap of spending more than you bargained for, a little preparation could help you avoid breaking the bank to get your desired home improvements done.

What we have below are the common mistakes everyone does while doing remodelling or extension. Foresee such situations and come up with measures to deal with it so you can take half the pressure of your shoulders.

1. Not Defining the Scope

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Unlike a new building, it might be slightly tricky to draw clear renovation boundaries. But this is precisely what that leads to the extra costs that you may not have accounted for. Knowing where to start and where to stop are the first things you need to establish.

It is not only you who should be aware of the existing condition, but the entire team including the architect and the builder should also be thorough with how to go about the project. It is quite common to lose sight of what you intended to do and end up doing something else as the project evolves.

2. Not being Aware of the Costs

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One thing builders Brisbane often come across are clients who blame the builders for the excessive costs without being aware of the breakdown of it.

Especially for tasks like demolition, most of us are not aware of what a realistic expectation of cost would be. Fact of the matter is, demolitions aren’t as easy as breaking things down with a hammer. An effective demolition is performed in a way that does not affect the rest of the building, structurally or aesthetically. If not, it could lead to further complications down the line.

Another aspect often missed is calculating the transportation expenses of materials. Getting materials from a distant place even if it is cheap might be balanced with the amount you have to pay extra for moving. Also, it won’t make sense to engage builders North Brisbane as it will just add to the cost of your home renovations when the builders quote hides the charge for travel expenses.

3. Not Considering the Knock-on Effect

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Every decision you make while renovating will lead to a chain reaction. This knock-on effect is what leaks out your money the most. If you want to tear down a wall, then you have to consider whether it affects the building structurally or not, see how you can patch up the gaps in the wall and the floor, then you might have to redo the flooring, and it just goes on and on.

4. Not accounting Electrical layouts

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Electrical work is often something that becomes most affected while you are renovating. The electrical wiring usually passes through the walls and knocking them down are going to result in redoing the whole thing. That might be just when you realise that the wiring is not according to the current standards, so you have to change the entire thing.

Another reason for the expansion in the electrical budget is not reading the specifications correctly. Custom home builders Brisbane mostly quote for one power point in the room. While in reality, your needs might require two or three and of different power specifications. So remember to make it a point to include the exact requirements in the specifications and communicate it with the builder.

5. Not making Practical Allowances

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Choosing the right builder often depends on how much he quotes the work for. However, when you do that, you should be aware of what exactly has gone into the quoting. For instance, the item you want costs you $500 and the builder has kept an allowance for $300 for that particular one, and you will end up paying $200. Even though both come out of your pocket, you are anyway paying the builder for home renovations Brisbane around 20% margin.

You have to look upon the realistic allowances for each item. Specifications might seem a bit complicated to understand, so you have to take effort and go to the showrooms yourself to see what exactly you are paying for.

6. Not considering the Site

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Any site alterations like the retaining walls, fencing or even exterior finishing are not always included in the quotation unless specifically asked for. By the time you realise that it’s not just the floor plans you need to worry about but also the surroundings, it might be too late to negotiate with the builder for it. In the end, it will be an additional cost to you to spend on the site later. You might even have to hire a new team to do that alone.

Most people also consider energy efficient features while renovating, primarily because the new set of building codes have changed. Make sure such specific requirements are discussed with the builder prior to receiving a quote from them.

7. Not preparing for Surprises

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Surprises are not pleasant ones while you are renovating. A surprise could only mean more money and time – the only way to prepare for this to have a contingency readily available. Usually, for any construction project, a good contingency is around 15 to 20 percentage. But if you are looking at renovations, that too of an old building, then you might have to have a contingency of even 30 per cent. It is ok if you don’t require it in the end, but it is always best to have it as a safety net.

With construction, you should always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Taking advice from experienced architect and builder will definitely do you good. If you are unsure about where to find an expert team for your project, contact TrustCo. We can provide all you need to work effectively with the team to see your dream unfold in front of you.

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