The goal of a green building is to cause minimum impact on the environment. It not only has sustainable features that make it environmentally friendly, but green houses are also very comfortable to live in.

If done right, the house design for eco house plans Australia can reduce the external energy consumption to keep the houses at optimum temperature. The home could adapt to the climatic changes by itself and thus offer a healthier set up for the inhabitants.

Green buildings are no longer considered just a trend. It is a conscious decision acknowledging our responsibility to the earth in minimising the harmful effect we cause. In a broader perspective, a green house should consume less energy, use less water, produce fewer greenhouse emissions and make the best use of recyclable building materials.

How to Build Greenbuilder Brisbane

There are many ways to implement sustainable ideas in your house such as

  • Retain the natural features and landscape
  • Use as many recycled materials as possible
  • Ensure to design home to allow maximum natural light and ventilation.
  • Incorporate passive design elements
  • Use an energy efficient heating and cooling system and proper insulation
  • Use renewable energy sources like solar energy
  • Use sustainable building materials with low embodied energy and emissions
  • Use appliances that consume less power
  • Implement rainwater harvesting

Here let us take a look in detail at a few green building ideas for your home.

  1. Sustainable Plumbingbuilders north Brisbane

Around the world, we see the water resources depleting. It is only when you live with no water to drink and for daily needs that you realise its importance. So it is our duty to do the best to conserve water as much as possible. It does not need any dramatic changes but could be something as simple as

  • To install low-flow shower heads and taps
  • Use a washing machine and dishwasher model that are highly energy efficient and low flow.  
  • Repair leaky plumbing as soon as possible
  • Install rainwater tank
  • Use natural filters to reuse grey water from the shower for gardening and landscaping.
  1. Rain Water Harvestinghouse builders Brisbane

One major point of conserving water is to build a rainwater tank. The building council regulations might require you to have one at your home. But even if it doesn’t, it is the first step towards a sustainable home. While planning with the new house designs itself, take measures in the drainage to collect rainwater from the roof and landscaping. Integrating plumbing to use this water throughout the house could save you both water bills and energy.

With a little filtering, this water could be used for the garden, washing your car, laundry and outdoor activities.

  1. Solar Energycustom home builders Brisbane

The one source of energy that is absolutely free and always available comes in the form of the sun. Solar panels might have expensive installation costs, but in the long run, it is the best way to save electricity bills and make your home sustainable. Depending on the power requirements of your house, you can determine the size of the solar panels and its output. Even a partial use of solar power for water heating could make significant changes in the use of electricity. It is best to integrate the system in your home design while construction itself, as you might need approvals.

You can also use a hybrid solar battery system along with the photovoltaics that is more expensive but reduces the dependency on grid power exponentially.

  1. Use of Sustainable Materialshome renovations Brisbane

One of the popular and most effective sustainable construction technique is to build using.  Strawbale is treated and compressed to a large block and tightened with wire around it. These large blocks are used to build walls just like using bricks. The wall is then plastered with a layer of soil or cement render to hold it in place and provide protection against fire.

Due to its properties and thickness, strawbale is an excellent choice of material to provide thermal insulation. It is environmentally friendly and highly durable that could last into even a hundred years. They are also strong enough for load-bearing walls, and even could be built in a frame structure. The wall can be used as both an external and internal wall, covered or exposed. You would need highly skilled home builders Brisbane with prior experience to do this work.

You can also use stabilised earth as a sustainable construction material. Use of recycled timber and brick is also an approach to being more eco-friendly in house designs.  

  1. Passive design and Insulationhouse builders Brisbane

The passive design takes advantage of what nature has to offer to make your home more comfortable. It means to use energy sources, particularly sunlight for both heat and light. We are not talking about solar panels, but carefully designed homes that allow the maximum use of light and heat to keep it comfortable.

In Australia, north facing windows welcome more light and warmth from the sun int the house. Cross ventilation also stresses the flow of air inside the house without the need for artificial air conditioning. The openings also require proper shading to avoid extra heat during the summer months.

Whatever building technique you choose, it is essential to use the correct insulation without that the energy could flow out requiring the house to consume more.

Choosing the Buildercommercial cuilders Brisbane

Energy efficient houses require project builders Brisbane who have prior experience in building green homes. Make it a point to get answers for the following questions before choosing the builder.

  • Qualifications, and license to practice
  • Valid builders warranty insurance
  • Offer for a written quote
  • Required time for completion of the project
  • Standard of the products used
  • References from earlier clients

It is also advised to hire an builder who is specialised in building green homes. Usually, the architect themselves can suggest a builder for such homes, with whom they have worked together The builder should also be able to source the materials and have labour equipped with the construction techniques.

Contact Trustco to find designers and builders for your green home designs who comes with the best expertise in the field.

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