One of the first things we do when we have the thought of building a house is to do a quick internet search on everything. And among all the interesting things, our mind involuntarily goes in search of floor plans.

The house plans indeed decide every course of the perceiving of your dream home. If the plan isn’t right, how much ever you try to make everything else better, there still wouldn’t be a smooth flow of function in the house.

So whether you are getting a standard floor plan from the builder or hiring an architect to design yours, it is in your best interest to know a few things beforehand. These are the most common floor plan mistakes, and house builders Brisbane are here to tell you how to avoid them.

1. Not every plan is for you

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As much as the floor plan looks good on paper or the interior looks fabulous on a brochure, not every plan is suitable for you. You have to consider the requirements of your family and your needs. Every floor plan would not be kid-friendly or might not have enough room for your family. It might also be not suitable for the property you want to build on. Instead of changing your lifestyle to suit the house plan, make sure the house pan can suit yours. Luxury home builders Brisbane will be able to take into consideration the factors of building your homes such as your budget, design, and other preferences.

2. In a model home, the upgrades are not a part of the deal

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Most building companies keep a model of their house to let the clients get a feel of the space. It is undoubtedly, the best way to experience the space you are going to live in. However, you have to keep in mind that the house you purchase might not come with the exact floor finish, carpets, wallpapers, and top-notch furniture.

3. It is Ok if you don’t understand the house plan

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Not all of us have a degree in architecture, nor experience in building. The legends, the nomenclature, the door swings and joinery, are all elements that are familiar only to experienced eyes. So it is completely fine if you do not understand what is going on in the blueprints. What you have to do is to ask questions to your Brisbane builders or architect whenever you think is necessary. After all, it is your house, and you are paying for it.

4. Ensure that the architecture will not cost you in future

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Certain architectural features like the floor to ceiling windows, truss works and such would look extremely good on 3D models and especially when the house is new. But consider the long term maintenance of complex roof cleaning and other architectural features in your house. Some might be aesthetically pleasing, but it might cost you more for heating or cooling the house in the future.

5. Try to feel the size of rooms

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In floor plans, a room the size of 10 feet x 12 feet might seem adequate. In reality, that space might not be enough for you. With all the furnishings, the room might be too small or might be even crowded. So consider the room sizes while keeping the furniture sizes in mind. You could also measure your existing furniture, so you will have an idea of the measurements of the things that would go into the room.

6. Consider safety for the all members

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People often underestimate the size of the house you need as a family. If you are thinking of long term, then you also need to think of your kids growing up and needing their own space. On the other hand, it is also wise to plan for safety for elements like stairs, balconies and using glass in the house with your little ones.

Having elders at home should also be thought about. It is best if you can assign them a room and a bathroom on the ground floor, so they don’t have to climb the stairs too often.

7. Imagine common spaces fully occupied

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Common spaces are the ones you mostly use for entertainment. While designing, it is vital to keep in mind how the room would feel if you are entertaining people. Is it too cramped if you add a few more people to the room, do you have enough space to move around?

For someone who also has guests staying over occasionally, a provision for the guest room should also be thought about.

8. Factor in your location

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You might have found the perfect plan on the internet, but how well does that work on your site. The size of your property, the environment, surroundings, the view, and the street will all play a big part in deciding the plan.  You will also have to check whether the plan could get the approval of the local building authorities and any permits needed.

9. Choose the plan as a family

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If you are planning to live in your new home with your family, then you definitely need every family member’s input on it. Each person will have their own ideas and ambitions for their house, and it is essential for everyone to feel valid with their opinions. Also, with the extra input, you will come up with better ideas for your house.

10. Get a plan within your budget

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Most constructions go beyond your budget right from the floor plan. If the plan of the house does not coincide with your budget limits, then it is uphill right from there. If you really like a plan and cannot afford it at the moment, you could always try to turn it around in a way to upgrade it in future. For example, you could consider leaving a terrace which could be turned into an extra room later. Either way, discuss it right from the beginning with your building designer that the plan will work well within your budget.

You may not get everything absolutely perfect while building a home. But you can start with the best, and finding a perfect floor plan for your home is just the right place to start. So if you are looking for the best Architects to design your home and the best home builders Brisbane to execute it, TrustCo is your go-to place.

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