Blockout curtains

The interior of every house has to look appealing and decoration is one of the aspects that bring appeal to sight. One common item that gets a house pleasing to look at is the curtain. They can transform the look of a room completely. Curtains are used to cover windows but that’s not all. There are other huge benefits which we are going to examine and discuss.


Benefits of Blockout Curtains

What are blockout curtains, what can they do for you?

  1. Together with their poles (tracks), curtains can be adjusted to complement a bay window. This is done due to their flexible nature unlike other covers such as blinds.


  1. Curtains together with their fittings bring visual beauty that is impressive to look at. The fittings (poes) could be metallic or wooden and come in varying shapes and sizes. No wonder, you will always find a suitable size to add elegance to the interior of your room.


  1. Curtains are good at providing insulation against heat. Surprisingly, they are far better than blinds. They can regulate drought as well.


  1. They can be adjusted manually, electrically, or by use of a cord. How amazing! Manual operation can allow for multiple curtain operations on a window which could be varying in drops and widths. A cord can be attached so that their operation resembles that of a blind.


  1. Curtains are easy to clean. Dry or vacuum cleaning is all that is required with their poles requiring only minimal servicing, unlike blinds which are notorious for harbouring dust and all types of paraphernalia.


  1. Their installation is easy. All you mean to do is unhook them from their poles and attach the curtains you desire to change to the hooks. that’s it. Blinds in comparison are a headache. they require clipping, unhooking, etc.


  1. They are cost-effective. For instance, changing only requires you to simply install new curtains to the current poles thus making them more reliable.


That said, let’s now discuss how to select an appropriate pole (rod) for your curtain before hanging. Take note that curtain poles differ in shape, design, and size. This may require one to obtain the measurement of their window first before making a purchase.


  1. Examine the curtain you already have at hand. It should complement the rod you wish to purchase.


  1. Consider the size of your window. as mentioned earlier, obtain the measurements of your window before purchasing the curtain pole. Take measurements of the outer side of the window because the rods should be of greater length than the window. This will help prevent repurchasing thus saving on funds.


  1. You also have to consider the strength of the pole you wish to buy. Stronger rods will prevent a scenario where curtains sag upon fitting. Go for stronger rods if your curtains are heavier.


  1. Stick to what you can afford. Curtain poles vary when it comes to material comparison. The types made with high quality are costly. You should therefore go for that which you can afford.


You must clean your curtains to prolong their lifespan.


Cleaning Your Blockout Curtains

  1. The first method of cleaning is dusting. You have to dust your curtains by vacuuming them. For delicate types, shake them to remove dust.


2 You can wash them by using a machine but before that, check for the label that instructs on how to carry out the process (care label) otherwise you may damage them.


  1. Curtains that cannot be washed manually or by machine can be cleaned by use of a dry cleaner. The instructions on how to carry out the process must be followed to avoid damages as well.




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